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This article is about the skill point. For the trophy with a similar name, see 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit.
2B or not 2B hit

2B or not 2B hit is a skill point at the Maktar Resort. It is obtained by defeating the B2 Brawler in the MegaCorp arena challenge Battle the B2 Brawler without being hit. A useful tactic is to use the Shield Charger.


Strategy 1

Fully upgrade your Miniturret Glove before entering the battle. Deploy as many turrets as you can before he jumps into the arena. It takes 4 turrets to successfully kill him. As you avoid his first round of laser shots, deploy 1 or 2 more turrets (up to 4 turrets maximum, including what was dropped before he landed in the arena). He will not make it to the ground to perform his spinning move.

Strategy 2

It helps to have the Mini-Nuke fully upgraded. When the battle begins, hit him with a Mini-Nuke. Afterwards, make sure to avoid his energy blasts by jumping while firing Mini-Nukes at the top of your jump. When he is spinning on the ground, jump over his tentacles and shoot him with a weapon of your choice. He will soon spin faster, so be ready to evade this. Repeat until he starts spinning much faster. Get away from him while jumping to avoid his tentacles and fire Mini-Nukes to finish him off. Alternatively, the Mini-Nuke with the Acid and Lock-On mods should kill him in 8 hits.

Strategy 3

Save up for the RYNO II in Challenge Mode. If you are close to the B2 Brawler while it is spinning on the ground, it is possible to get in between its legs. If you are here, it cannot shoot you and you can attack like crazy without evading. You have to stay exactly in the middle of all four legs or you will be forced out. While it is difficult, it is a very effective way to kill the B2 Brawler.

Strategy 4

Using the Minirocket Tube, simply continue firing. The B2 Brawler will be dead before it can begin its spin attack.

Strategy 5

Use the Heavy Bouncer. One well-placed shot to the B2 Brawler's legs as soon as it lands will kill it before the announcer can even finish introducing it.

Strategy 6

This strategy does not require any upgrades, nor any weapons from later on in the game, but you will need to have the Blitz Gun purchased and the ammo at max before you enter the battle, thus making this the go-to method for getting the skill point without backtracking.

Have the Blitz Gun ready at the start of the battle. After B2 Brawler lands, hold circle to continue shooting in rapid fire. As the Brawler shoots his laser shots, hop (be sure not to double jump) over each one continusouly while firing the Blitz Gun at the same time. When the Brawler switches to his spin move, it is best to stop firing and roam the arena for more ammo while you avoid Brawler's tentacles. Once he stands up again, continue the "jump and shoot" method until the Brawler loses.

See it done below in video. Timestamps:

3:17 for "Battle The B2 Brawler",

8:00, 9:16, and 10:15 for "Tag Team Battle Chainblade and B2 Brawler",

17:12 and 20:11 for "Ultimate Challenge"





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