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Fans of DreadZone, I share your pain for the loss of the mighty Ace Hardlight. I encourage you all to express your grief and sympathy by purchasing this limited edition Ace Hardlight Memorial Action Figure, on sale now for only $299 bolts!
Gleeman Vox, on Ace Hardlight's alleged death  [Deadlocked]
Gleeman Vox action figure

Vox showing the Ace Hardlight Memorial Action Figure on Vox News

The Ace Hardlight Action Figure, later known as Ace Hardlight Memorial Action Figure, were purchasable action figures of Ace Hardlight, produced by Vox Industries's numerous toy factories on planet Torval. Because of Hardlight's falling fame, Vox was unable to even "give this stuff away!" Focus tests conducted by Gleeman Vox showed that children almost always chose other toys over Ace Hardlight, despite the prodding of Vox. As time went on, Vox was forced to shut down one such factory because of continued falling sales, which was later converted into a DreadZone Battlecourse. When Ace Hardlight was allegedly killed by Ratchet, Gleeman Vox attempted to convince fans of DreadZone to express their grief over Ace Hardlight's "death" by buying a limited edition Ace Hardlight Memorial Action Figures, at a price of only 299 bolts per toy.[1]
Ace Hardlight figure

The Ace Hardlight action figure with kung-fu grip

In addition to looking like Ace Hardlight, they also had a kung fu grip.[1]



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