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This is the walkthrough for the challenge Ace Hardlight in Ratchet: Deadlocked.


  • 90 hp+ (200 hp in challenge mode)
  • Dual Raptors v10, Anti-Matter Rifle v10, Quasar Turret Launcher v10 (Supernova in Challenge mode)
  • Good Reflexes


  • Liberator
  • 180,000 DreadPoints

Walkthrough: Boss Battle

This is the second last boss battle in the game. First, whip out your Dual Raptors v10 and fire like crazy. He will try to shoot you, just jump and dodge his attacks. There is a part where Ace will shield himself and heal, also shooting a tracking missile. Keep running away from it and it will explode by itself. During his healing, he will teleport and become about 10 aces, only one that is true. Shoot and the visions will disappear except for Ace. Whip out your Anti-Matter Rifle with lots of Ammo Mods and shoot Ace with this, dealing medium damage. He will heal again. Do this process again until he says I'm out med-packs…not that I need 'em . He now cannot heal. Whip out the Quasar Turret Launcher and launch about six of them and then get the Anti Matter Rifle, finishing him off for good.

Walkthrough: Boss Battle in Challenge Mode

Instead of doing the above tactics, use a Supernova v99 and fire while he is not shielded. You should destroy him pretty quickly. … this is somebody else but put the ice mod on all your weapons that ace's weakness

Skill points

  • Ace in the Hole: Defeat Ace Hardlight without taking damage. Bolts: 7900

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