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File:Adamantine Armor.png

Adamantine was a strong substance found in the Solana galaxy. Gadgetron used it to create Adamantine Armor. Adamantine ore was said to be the hardest ore in the Solana Galaxy. Armor created by combining adamantine plates with a web of integrated forcefields and an onboard computer resulted in the Aegis Mark V armor.

It was inferior to both Carbonox and Trillium, the hardest metals in Bogon and Polaris respectively.

Behind the scenes

Adamantine is a legendary metal sometimes referred to as "Adamantium" (which is most well known for it's appearances in the Marvel Comics series). The metal Adamantine is usually depicted as unbreakable; however, in the Ratchet & Clank series the metal is not completely indestructible, with armour made from it only stoppings 50% of damage from the enemies at its debut time. This is likely due to the advanced and extremely powerful weaponry in the Ratchet & Clank series eclipsing even adamantine.


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