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Adamantine is one of the hardest substances in the galaxy. Gadgetron scientists claim that their brand new and nearly indestructible Adamantine armor suit will absorb at least 50% of the energy of any incoming projectile or energy blast.
―Gadgetron armor description  [UYA]

Adamantine Armor was an orange and yellow armor which had a fiery effect and cost 60,000 bolts to buy. The ionized adamantine alloy used in the armor was one of the hardest substances in the galaxy. The armor reflected up to 50% of damage. Ratchet could get the Admantine Armor when he landed on Tyhrranosis.

Based on early screenshots, the armor was supposedly going to be sleeveless. In some artwork it is also sleeveless, and it was sleeveless in A Crack in Time.

Other appearances

The Adamantine Armor was also Ratchet's armor should you choose his skin in multiplayer. This was also the armor Ratchet wore in Going Mobile, and Ratchet was wearing it in a picture in the newspaper in Size Matters. The old model of Ratchet in the Insomniac Moon in A Crack in Time was wearing this armor.


  • Adamantine was a common fictional metal found in many pieces of fiction, especially in historical fiction, which is surprising why it made an appearance in the Ratchet & Clank series.



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