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This is the walkthrough for the challenge Advanced Qualifer in Ratchet: Deadlocked.


You will start in an arena with some enemies. Take out the DZ Strikers and Swarmers with the Dual Vipers. Once they are defeated, Green will be disabled. Al will tell you to revive him, which you should do and after that some platforms will appear on the lava that was before uncrossable. Go into the tunnel and kill the enemies with the Vipers. More platforms will appear for you to jump on across to large arena. A DreadZone Dropship will appear and drop some more Strikers and Tremors. Switch to the Magma-Cannon and destroy the dropship before it can drop the enemies. If it does, then take out the enemies with the Dual Vipers. More platforms appear leading to the next half of the arena. At this point, you may run out Dual Viper ammunition. If you do, then just use the Magma-Cannon. Once all the enemies are dead, turn the bolt crank and just across the platforms. You will see a Stalker Turret up ahead. Stop on the second platform before the one with the Turret and deploy the EMP Grenade that your Battle Bots have. Once its shield is gone, a few shots of the Magma-Cannon will destroy it, completing the challenge. You will get a Green Medal and unlock Catacrom Four.

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