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Agents of Dread UYA

The UYA version of Agents of Dread

Agents of Dread Size Matters

The Agents of Dread's appearance in Size Matters

Agents of Dread were the upgrade to Gadgetron's Agents of Doom. When a canister was thrown four robots were deployed but, unlike the agents of doom, they carried a missile launcher and could fly using built in jetpacks. Once they ran out of ammo, they would land, run up to a nearby enemy, and detonate in a mini nuclear explosion in the form of a mushroom cloud, similar to the explosion of a Mini-Nuke. In Size Matters, they carried twin energy cannons that fired energy blasts. Unlike in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, once they ran out of ammo, they would disappear. They could be upgraded with Launcher Mod that gave them more variable shots like missiles or with the Explosive Mod to make them could explode once they ran out of ammo.


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