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The Agorian Announcer was an Agorian who announces and comments during Ratchet's battles in the Battleplex Arena. He was never actually seen by Ratchet in the Battleplex, so that he was probably talking from another section of the arena. During Ratchet's first visit to the battleplex in the challenge Bros Before Foes, he said he would kill Ratchet and Qwark if they did not kill the War Grok but when Qwark started saying heroic words he let the War Grok live and recognized Qwark as a true hero. After this he continued to give comments about Ratchet and his battles.


  • Despite him saying Ratchet was the first non-Agorian to win the Gold Cup, Kaden who was Ratchet's father also won the Gold Cup.


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