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Agorian Battleplex

The Agorian Battleplex from space

Agorian Battleplex

The Agorian Battleplex from a different angle

The Agorian Battleplex is an Agorian space station located within the Korthos Sector. It housed the Battleplex Arena, which is where live gladiatorial combat and other blood sports were watched by Agorian audiences.

When Qwark was captured by the Agorians, Ratchet had to rescue Qwark, while also trying to get the Nefarious Security Card, which allowed him to gain access to the Tombli Security Towers at the Tombli Outpost on planet Zanifar.

At the Battleplex Lobby, there was a video game arcade where Ratchet could play the mini-game My Blaster Runs Hot (which could be played with one or two players). There were also two GrummelNet weapon-vendors and one GrummelNet armor-vendor.

In Ratchet & Clank: Issue 5: Multiple Organisms, Ratchet argued with General Glahm whether Glahm should destroy Artemis Zogg's ship or not. While arguing, General Glahm mentioned Artemis Zogg destroyed their Battleplex.



  • When the Agorians realized their Battleplex broke the Impenatrable Code of Agorian Honor, they rewrote their by-laws to allow it.
  • The statues in the Battleplex Lobby could be interactable when walking up to them and pressing the triangle button.


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