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Alister Azimuth serves as the second stage of the final boss of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, determined to use the Great Clock to bring back the Lombaxes. This is a guide to help stop him.


The fight with Azimuth is not as difficult as it is time consuming. Alister is fast, agile, and highly resistant to weapon damage. This and his many close and long distance attacks make him very deadly. However, his attacks are easy to predict and avoid. It is recommended that you have all your weapons at level 5, and have the RYNO V. His main attack is to fire energy blasts from his wrench. He may also toss the wrench at Ratchet, as well as use it to toss the computer screens in the chamber. Alister will also use his wrench for close range melee attacks, and can slam it down, creating a large shockwave. He'll also hoverboot around the arena, tossing bombs at the center. You can use the Groovitron Glove when he uses this attack, leaving him open to more attacks like the Rift Ripper. You must also be careful when attacking him as Alister will use his wrench to deflect attacks.

Once he's at half of his health, a cutscene will initiate and debris will fall from the ceiling. do not worry as the debris will not hit you. What you should worry about is the new attack in Alister's arsenal: he'll use his hoverboots to charge around the arena. Use your hoverboots to avoid this attack. With the right weapons and strategy, Alister will eventually be defeated.

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