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Ratchet alpha cannon

Ratchet charging the Alpha Cannon while a Drophyd Cyclocannon fires at him

The Alpha Cannon is so powerful it was once thought to be the lost 'Lombax Secret.' It improves upon the Alpha Disruptor's already fearsome firepower by creating a massive explosive impact with every enemy it hits. If there are any foes within 12 cubits of the blast radius, rest assure you won't be seeing them in the sequel.
Center for Advanced Lombax Research (possibly GrummelNet) weapon description  [ToD]

The Alpha Cannon was the V5 version of the Alpha Disruptor weapon, a Lombax engineered weapon designed by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research. The Alpha Cannon was so powerful, it was once believed to be the Lombax Secret, and ranked third on the Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons. When charged, the weapon would release beams that exploded on impact with enemies. With the Anti-Matter Transfluxor, multiple explosions were possible, as there was an explosion each time the beam phased through an enemy. The Alpha Cannon was useful against bosses and tougher enemies. The most noticeable difference between it and the Alpha Disruptor was the change of the primary color to green; however, the beams were still blue.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

The Alpha Cannon could be purchased for 50,000 bolts from the Smuggler on Hoolefar Island. It was the only weapon that started at V5. Oddly, it was referred to as the Alpha Disruptor by the quick select menu. However, the inventory called it by the correct name.

Anti-Matter Transfluxor Location

The Anti-Matter Transfluxor could be found in the Azorean Sea during the final level of the game. On the first ship, after climbing the ladder and killing some enemies, but before using the catapult, Ratchet could jump onto the boxes at the front, and then jump again to use the zip wire, then go to the right and there is the Anti-Matter Transfluxor upgrade for the Alpha Cannon.



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  • It was the only weapon that can be purchased in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty.
  • Due to the lack of a R.Y.N.O. weapon in Quest for Booty the Alpha Cannon is the only weapon in the series to become an ultimate weapon after its first appearance.
  • It is also one of three weapons to be capable of achieving a power of over 9,000. The others are the "Supernova" and the "RYNO-4-EVER."=

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