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Alpha Combat Suit[1] was a leathery gray suit that Ratchet picked up in the Bogon Galaxy. It is the starter suit, absorbing no damage. It looked similar to the Commando Suit, except it had a map gadget attached to the belt and this was colored navy blue compared to green.

In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet used this suit in the beginning of the game, but it was replaced with the Marauder Armor.

Official Descriptions

In-game description

A standard issue combat pilot suit that Ratchet picked up in the Bogon galaxy. The Alpha suit is comfortable and durable, but it will not stop a laser blast. Ratchet is going to need something stronger.



Notes and references

  1. Go into the start menu during Up Your Arsenal before you buy any new armor and go to items, highlight the suit icon to bring up the title of it, as it will say Alpha Combat Suit with its description beneath it.

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