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Hold down the fire button to charge, then let go to release a galactic can of whoop-ass!
Gadgetron HelpDesk  [ToD]
The Alpha Disruptor fires a deadly stream of plasma, allowing you to hit multiple targets at once
―Captain Qwark  [R&C (movie)]

The Alpha Disruptor was a very powerful Lombax engineered weapon, ranking third on the Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons. It was the first nano-weapon constructed by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research.[1] The Alpha Disruptor needed to be charged before firing. Once it was charged, the Alpha Disruptor fired a quantum beam of very potent isokinetic energy. The Alpha Disruptor could only hold 4 charges, presumably due to its power. One additional ammo slot could be gained via Raritanium upgrades for a maximum of 5 ammo slots. Its special Raritanium upgrade was the Anti-Matter Transfluxor. The Anti-Matter Transfluxor dynamically reconfigured the molecular structure of enemies hit by the weapon's beam, allowing the beam to pass directly through enemies and ones behind them.

The Alpha Disruptor upgraded into the Alpha Cannon at V5. This upgraded version created a massive explosion that incapacitated all enemies within a 12 cubit radius every time its beam hit an enemy. With the Anti-Matter Transfluxor, multiple blasts were possible, as an explosion occurred every time the beam passed through an enemy.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Alpha Disruptor fire

Ratchet firing the Alpha Disruptor at a Grunthor

Alpha Disruptor upgrade

The Alpha Disruptor upgrading from V1 to V2

The Alpha Disruptor cost nothing, and could be found by hacking open a door in Outpost L51 on planet Sargasso with the Decrypter. It dealt 4,300 damage per shot at V1, and 8916 at V5 without Raritanium upgrades, making it a lethal weapon. The Alpha Cannon could achieve a maximum damage of 10,699, and has the strongest single shot than every other weapon.

Vendor description

This Lombax-engineered weapon fires a quantum burst of isokinetic energy capable of destroying almost any unfriendly vessel!
―Vendor description  [ToD]


Damage increased by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 4,300
  • V2: 5,160
  • V3: 6,192
  • V4: 7,430
  • V5: 8,916

Raritanium upgrades

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

The Smuggler sold an Alpha Disruptor to Ratchet on Hoolefar Island for 50,000 bolts after Ratchet returned to protect the island from undead space pirates. It upgraded into the Alpha Cannon as soon as it was purchased. It was the only weapon that started at V5. Oddly, it was referred to as the Alpha Disruptor by the quick select menu. However, the inventory calls it by the correct name.

Location of the Anti-Matter Transfluxor

The Anti-Matter Transfluxor was found in the Azorean Sea during the final level of the game. On the first ship, after climbing the ladder and killing some enemies, but before using the catapult, jump onto the boxes at the front, and then jump again to use the zip wire. Go to the right and there is the Anti-Matter Transfluxor upgrade for the Alpha Cannon.


  • V5: 796



Notes and references

  1. The Gadgetron HelpDesk says this when you get it.

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