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This is the 'walkthrough for Aquatos in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Main Path

Unlike most levels in Up Your Arsenal, this planet has many things you can do. First off, as you exit your ship you will see another ship landed nearby. Ignore it for now and head to the Gadgetron vendor. You can purchase the Flux Rifle which will help in the long shot. Okay, now head back till you find a lift and go on it. You will find Skid here and he will accompany you. He doesn't fight at all, he just stands there and will open doors, activate bridges, and what not. All you really need to do is follow Skidd around this level, do so right now and blast some slimes on the way. Be sure to kill them all or else Skidd will not open the door. Be prepared the next section has a lot of enemies, so I suggest bringing out the Spitting Hydra, or Nitro Launcher. Kill all the enemies, once they are gone Skidd will make a bridge for you. After you cross the bridge, you will see more enemies! Take them out again. In this room, you should see a big hole filled with water and Skidd will reveal he cannot swim. So jump in the water. The Gadgetron HelpDesk will teach you how to swim in case you do not know how, and also holding R1 will help greatly. You can earn a skill point by hitting all the red crates to destroy all the boxes underwater. Now find your way and surface up to the next room. Now keep going forward and use a good gun because there will be a giant slime monster like Sasha warned you. Now find the switch and let Skidd join you. Skidd now should make a new bridge for you to cross, but wait! Go down to the pit under the bridge and score your self a titanium bolt! After this, kill more enemies and once they are all gone, go underwater again. There is another titanium bolt not too far from where you dove. The rest of the red crates are here as well, so destroy them if you started. This area has bombs that will seek you if you get too close to them. Take your time, especially if your low on Nanotech. Climb the ladder once you have surfaced, and fight more slimes and another giant one. This one will drop a Sewer Crystal which you can use later on in this planet. Now press the switch and Skidd should come in. The next room is filled with baddies, so try leveling up one of your lesser used weapons. Skidd will create another bridge when you are done, so go across it and hit the switch. A cutscene will occur and you will meet an old friend if you have played Going Commando. His name is Slim Cognito, he will sell you weapons from the second game for a fair amount of bolts. I suggest you buy the Miniturret Glove or the Lava Gun if you want to have another crowd controller. Okay, after this head to the submarine and watch another funny cutscene, and Now it's time to control Clank.

Nefarious's Underwater Base


Head forward and avoid the lasers blocking the path. Hit the switch in the middle of the room to open the door to the next area. Watch the cutscene and find Skrunch, Qwark's monkey to be your new sidekick. He's basically a mindless servant, so take your new banana gun and shoot it anywhere you want him to go. Shoot the gun to the button on the other side of the bridge, and Skrunch will hop over the gap and create the bridge for you. In the next area there are bots with search lights. Shoot a banana on one side of the room to distract the guards and continue unnoticed. Now you are at a dead end, and Clank tell Ratchet that he needs to activate the next bridge.


Make sure you have your Tyhrraguise equipped if not, you will surely get killed. As disgusting as it is, go talk to the Tyrranoid nearby pressing circle. Now just follow the on screen commands. If you fail, you will hear a humorous remark from Ratchet. Now head forward and do the same thing with the next guard. Now you are Clank again.


Get past the lasers and shoot a banana to let Skrunch hit the switch. Now head forward. You shall see a giant fan, do not bother going there instead, head right to a small room and get those tiny robots to fight for you. Get near the fan and press Triangle to find a list of commands and select 'Attack'. Distract more guns with the banana gun. Move into another room and make Skrunch jump on the switch to raise the elevator. Make the robots enter the hole with "4" above it, and the barrier will disappear. Continue forward to switch back to Ratchet.


The lasers on the floor are spinning in a circle, so time your moves and hit the button in the middle. Talk to another Tyhrranoid so that he will open yet another barrier for you. The bridge needs to be extended, so talk to the Tyhhranoid on the right. Step on the switch to enter the office of Dr. Nefarious. Instead you get Clank, finish the cutscene and jump down the pipe in the office.


Continue forward and you will meet The Plumber again, who will buy your 2 sewer crystals for cold hard bolts. You can go back to your ship now, or you can collect more crystals for bolts. You can always come back for crystals, so let's hop in the ship and go back to The Phoenix.

The Lava Gun can be extremely effective against Amoeboids in the sewers.

Hidden Items

Titanium Bolts

First - in the second underwater area, just head the other way round and you will get it .

Second - while skidd uses his hacker to hack the second bridge, head down the bridge and you will get it

Skill Points

There are a total of 2 skill points available in this level:

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