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This is the walkthrough for Aranos in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

First visit

Ratchet is on a flying lab on Aranos, a seemingly mountain-smothered planet. Firstly, walk forward and go up the lift, by walking on the floor-button. At the top is a door, walk up to it and it will open, revealing two MegaCorp Security Robot (MSR) I Chainsaw Models hanging from the ceiling. Gun them down with your Lancer (only to gain experience for the weapon, not because they are a major threat).

Proceed up the ladder and turn left to face two MSR Is and a new enemy, the MSR II Flamethrower Model. Shoot the MSR Is with the Lancer if you want, but the MSRII must be Lancered (it is extremely hard to kill them with the wrench, an explanation of how to will be given in the Maktar Nebula article.) Down the hallway, two more MSR Is await your Lancer rounds. Show them no mercy.

Outside the ship, you will encounter four MSR Is and a new enemy, the Blade Ball. Use your Lancer to finish these as you make your way to the door at the end. Ride up the elevator and destroy the group of MSRIs at the top. (Helpdesk will advise the Gravity Bomb, but you can use the Lancer if you want. Enter the room and Ratchet will be caught trying to save the Protopet by the Thief, who will flee. You will then have to fight a grueling battle against three MSR Is, three MSR IIs and a dozen bladeballs.

Follow the Thief down the chute and onto the airship's wing where you will find eight MSRII Flamethrower Models. Fortunately, only two of these adversaries will activate at a time, so destroy the active ones with your Lancer. Another effective strategy is to use the Gravity Bomb to kill the entire group at once.

Enter back into the airship through the window to the right and walk forward.  An elevator with two MSR Is and an MSR II will come down. Kill these with your Lancer and ride the elevator up. Continue down the hallway and enter the room, where you must defeat six MSRIs and about ten Bladeballs. Enter the last room and climb the stairs. The two doors will blow open and three MSRIs and two MSRIIs will step out. You know the drill. (Lancer time) Enter the left door and a cutscene will play. You can now go to the MegaCorp Outlet: Planet Oozla.

Second visit

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