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This is the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction planet Ardolis.

The search for the Lombax secret brings Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr to an area of planet Ardolis, the space pirate's base.


Once landed, there are Pirates directly ahead. Farther down the path splits; The path to the right leads to the main mission, and the path to the left leads to a side mission that will result in obtaining the Armor Magnetizer. It does not matter in which order you complete the missions. 

Main Mission

Once the Pirates ahead have been defeated, take the path to the right. As soon as you step around the corner you will see a Device Vendor. A Pirate holding a gun will appear from behind the rocks on the platform, and several Pirates will walk up the path from the platforms down below. Take these Pirates out, buy your devices, and move on to the platforms. After Ardolis has been completed, a Hover Ship will appear behind the Vendor that will allow you to skip the Sarrdollow Caves.

You will need to Double Jump  across the platforms, and defeat the Pirate that comes up the platforms. Once to the end of the platforms, use your Geo-Laser to open a hole into the Sarrdollow Caves. As soon as the entrance has been opened, a small swarm of Thwogs will fly out at you. Defeat these, and jump into the caves. Make sure not to fall down the gap between the platforms. 

Once inside the cave more Thwogs will fly at you. Keep a ranged/multi-damage weapon at the ready, there are a lot of Thwogs in these caves. If you use a ranged weapon and "Destroy 5 of the Thwogs while they are sleeping" you will get the skill point Preemptive Strike. The Pyrocitor is extremely effective on the Thwogs once they have dropped down. Walk down from the entrance, through the pond, defeat the Thwogs as they come, and walk up the path to the right. At the top of the path, High jump onto to the upper platform, defeat the Thwogs, and smash the boxes. Double Jump to the next platform. Smash the boxes, step down to the lower platform, and defeat the Thwogs. Double jump to the next platform, and follow it around the side to where there is a bridge. There is a shielded Pirate here, so equip your Shock Ravager and defeat it. Cross the bridge, step to the next platform and smash the boxes, then Glide to the next platform where there are Pirates around a fire.  

As soon as you step on the platform with the Pirates, your Geo-Laser will start to beep. Defeat the Pirates and follow the path down to the puddles. Smash the boxes and raritanium chests, and follow your Laser until you find where to cut down the giant hanging stalactite. As soon as the stalactite falls, a Pirate will jump down. Defeat it and walk back up the path to the fire. On the platform above the stalactite platform there is a Pirate with a blaster, so that it is easiest to defeat it before you jump up. Jump up the platforms, smash the boxes and restock on ammo as necessary at the Weapon Vendor. Climb up the platforms past the Weapon Vendor, and use your Geo-Laser again. 

Once you cut through the wall, you will find yourself swarmed by Pirates, some with shields, some with blasters, and some with swords. The Shock Ravager is again very useful. Fight your way through the throng, but be aware as you do that more Pirates will come down from the bridges above and the door at the end of the room. Once no more Pirates are coming, go around and smash the boxes. In this room you will notice a Pirate Doorkeeper, but you cannot get past it at this point. A return trip to Ardolis, after the Holo-Pirate Disguise has been obtained, is necessary in order to get all of the hidden Gold BoltsRaritanium Chests, and Skill Points. 

Go up the ramp at the end of the room, and enter the next small room. There will be a brief scene once the door at the other end of the room opens, where you see a Swab burst out a Raritanium Chest. From this point onward, get into the habit of opening Raritanium Chests with a weapon, especially if you are on a Pirate base, in order to avoid nasty surprises. These Pirates are harder to defeat and are immune to the Shock Ravager. They are best defeated with the Predator Launcher if you have it, or by backing up through the larger room and using your Combuster. Defeat it, and move on to the loading dock ahead. There are many Pirates here, and more will jump down from a ship as you step out onto the platform. They are all armed with swords, but the Pirates that come down from the ship will also have shields. Defeat the Pirates and move onto the platform that is glowing blue to the right. It will take you up to a Zip wire. Zipline down into the Treasure Room to trigger a cutscene. do not get too attached to the vast quantities of treasure in this room, because you will never be able to return to this room to claim it. 

You will be dropped down onto the platform below the treasure room after the cutscene. There is a Weapon Vendor to the left, and a loading dock ahead. Behind the Weapon Vendor is a platform that you can use to return to the first Weapon Vendor back at the start of the Main Mission, but there is more to do ahead.

Head toward the loading dock and Pirates armed with blasters will come toward you exclaiming "Arrrh! The Lombax and his girlfriend stole our treasure!" Defeat these Pirates, and head to the right where there is a Swingshot Target that will take you over to a ship. Once on the ship, defeat the various Pirates hiding behind the chests, and climb on to the glowing blue platform. Take the Zip wire down to another ship and get off the Explosive Crates you land on before they explode. Defeat the Pirates ahead, and prepare for the two Electrified enemies that will come down off the next platform. 

The next platform is the Pirate Bar, and as is expected, it is loaded with Pirates. Fight your way into the bar, being wary of the Pirates armed with blasters, and defeat everything in the bar. Fight the three pirates that come down on the platform, but do not take the platform up just yet. Once the bar is empty, turn to your right and find the door with a Heli-Pod symbol on it. Inside the door here you will find a bunch of crates and a piece of the Holo-Plan.

Take the glowing blue platform up and head toward the door. A bunch of Pirates will burst out from the crates, go forth and defeat them all. A ship will land with more Pirates, defeat these too. Once the plank shoots out to the dock climb aboard the ship to be taken on "Rusty Pete's tour of Ardolis." Be careful that you make it all the way aboard, as there is a glitch in which you end up on the outside the rail when the plank goes in and you fall to your death. Aim a weapon at the door at the front of the ship as Pirates will come out this door during your tour. 

Once landed, walk the plank down to the next platform, where there is a Weapon Vendor and a mini-boss battle. Make sure to stock up at the Vendor, because once that door closes there is no turning back. The mini-boss is a Rogue, and is best defeated by throwing out a Nano-Swarmer and then spamming it with a ranged weapon while you Strafe and avoid the bombs it throws. Defeat it, and take the door to the right to get three Raritanium chests. There is another pirate doorkeeper that you will need to return to later.

Walk through the door to meet up with TalwynCronk, and Zephyr for a cutscence and coordinates for Rykan V. Teleport back to your ship, and be on your way, or go to complete the side mission if you had not already. 

Side Mission: Armor Magnetizer

Take the path to the left and head toward the crates you see above you. Smash the crates and walk toward the damaged Grind rail in front of you with the Heli-Pod symbol. Toss a Heli-pod onto the Grind rail, and grind down to the lowest platform, making sure you jump the two gaps in the rail and flip over to the side rail on the left. Ahead there are a bunch of Heli-Pod platforms and time is of the essence with these. Put a Heli-pod on the first platform, jump to it, then on the one in front of it, jump to it and then on the platform to the left, and jump to it,  as fast as you can. Jump onto the stationary platform and up to the metal dock above. Make sure not to land in the mud at any point. 

Smash the crates on the metal dock and use a Heli-pod to open the door, letting you into the next area. Round the corner, and cross over to the other platform, before you use a Heli-pod to raise the boat. There are some crates here and if you open the door with a Heli-pod, a chest of Raritanium. Now go back to the boat with the Heli-pod marks and the door. Open the door first, and then raise the boat with two Heli-pods. Hop on and ready your Swingshot. When you see the Swingshot targets appear to your left, jump towards them and latch on. Swing across, and climb up the platforms to get two Raritanium Chests.

Glide down to the platform below and smash the crates. Then use your swingshot and swing across to the next set of platforms. Smash the crates, and throw two Heli-pods onto the weight next to the raised platform. Stand in the middle of this platform, and wait for the Heli-pods to run out, and at the top, there is a Gold Bolt and some crates. From here, you can glide down to the next platform. Raise the weight, climb on the platform, and wait for the Heli-pods to run out. Step on to the next platform, smash the crates, and climb up to the door above. Grab the Armor Magnetizer, open the door with a Heli-pod, and head back to where your ship landed. 

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