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This is the walkthrough for Aridia in Ratchet & Clank.

Enemies encountered: Constructor Bot, Sandshark

Welcome to Aridia, it's dark, it's full of sand, and the local wildlife is not much friendlier either. Right, first things first, you should be able to buy the Blaster now, if you have enough bolts get it.

Skid McMarx

When you land down, go behind your ship and down the pathway, ahead of you is a wrecked ship, and Skid McMarx, go up to him to trigger a cutscene. Skid McMarx wants to get back to his ship, but he's scared of the local Sandsharks, he says if you help him, he will give you a brand new Z3000 hoverboard. If you accept, the task is to wipe out all the Sandsharks in the area and destroy their spawners. The amount of Sandsharks and Spawners left are shown in the bottom of the screen. Remember that the Sandsharks will keep appearing if you do not wipe out the Spawners as well, which are as weak as the Sandsharks. Also, Sandsharks always pop from the ground, so be careful so that they do not jump at you from the sand and attack you off-guard. The Pyrocitor is the easiest weapon here to wipe out the Sandsharks; however, it is advised to burst fire when killing individual 'Sharks as ammo cannot be wasted easily (this means tapping the trigger). A gold bolt can also be found here and a tutorial can be seen below on how to obtain it. In case you missed it, there are Sandsharks on top of the big rock which can be accessed by climbing on the steps on its face. When you kill the last shark, a cutscene will appear where Skid gives you the hoverboard and heads back to his ship. Now it's time to go back your ship and the vendor to top up any ammo -; however, there is an abundance of ammo crates in this game and the sufficient bolt demand can be very scarce in this game, especially saving up for new weapons, so that it is advised to only top up with vendors when ammo is very low. The ship and vendor can be found directly beneath you by jumping down from the current platform.

Getting the Trespasser

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From your ship, go down the left path, across a few islands separated by bog. You will encounter some Sandsharks, as well as some Flamethrower Bots, which are easy to kill with a hyper-strike if you dodge their fire. Go up the lift at the end and cross the metal platform, where you will see a green Swingshot target. This is the start of the main fortress and the Swingshot course. Use the Swingshot to traverse the targets, until you reach a large conical hall, where there are six final targets. Traverse these without touching the ground to get the skill point 'Swing It!'. Go through the door at the top and you will find the Tresspasser on a platform. Directly beneath the platform is another platform with a gold bolt; glide down to get it and you will be able to go back up once you have got it.

Skid's Agent

Follow and kill everything around you and when you got to the Swingshot course, do not go to your left instead, go to your right. Kill the Constructor Bot and another one will appear. Kill him and follow the path. Jump and kill the bot and another one will appear. Kill him also. Head to the elevator and it will lead you to the ground floor which is just like a basement. Jump over the mud and kill out the Sandsharks. Jump and you will hang on the ledge. Jump and go left but WAIT! There are Sandsharks and Constructor Bots on the bottom. If you want, kill them first and go back to where you hang and jump. Now, go to your left now. Hang and jump there too. Kill the Constructor Bot ahead. Jump and hang to the ledge. Move to your right and jump. Follow the path and climb up. You are exiting the construction site. Follow the path and you will end up with Skid's Agent.

Getting the Sonic Summoner

If you have the Zoomerator,show it to him and he will receive a Sonic Summoner for you. If you didn't had it yet, go to Rilgar and win the hoverboard race. An underground shuttle will be there and it will take you back to your ship.

Skill Points

Swing it! - At the end of the planet, right before Ratchet obtains the Trespasser, there is a large room with six versa-targets scattered around it. The skill point is obtained by hooking onto them, one by one, without touching the platforms under them. The most effective way to do so is by turning quickly after grabbing each target and immediately hooking onto the nearest one, repeating this for all six targets.

Transported - Facing the brown lake, go to the right of your ship. Use the lift machine to get to the top of the ledge.  From here, transport ships will fly directly overhead. Use the Devastator to lock on and shoot down three ships. This will earn you the skill point.

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