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This is the walkthrough for Aridia in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Part I: Tunnels of Outpost X12

When you start off, simply go with the rangers and destroy all Tyhrranoids in your way. At the end of the tunnel you will get 10,000 bolts.

Part II: Ambush in Red Rock Valley

The troops are being attacked by more enemies. Take them all out and protect the defenseless rangers. This mission starts off slow, then gradually gets a bit harder when the drop ships come in. Remember to take out the small ones before the big ones. Once you have completed this mission, you get 15,000 bolts.

Part III: Assassination

This mission you get to explore this planet a lot. This mission prompts you to take out all the green dots on the radar, not all the red ones. It is helpful to bring the Turboslider along, or just simply double tap R1 to activate those Charge Boots. 20,000 bolts is your bounty.

Part IV: Reclaim the Valley

Another simple mission where you need to activate turrets using your wrench on the big bolts on the ground. Do this with all the bolts and you will be done. There is a total of four turrets you must activate. You get 25,000 bolts at the end of the mission.

Part V: X12 Endgame

When you start, all you must do is follow the rangers through the tunnels once again. This time it is a bit tougher, at the end are two giant turrets. Once you are at the turrets deploy a holoshield with the Holoshield Glove nearby one turret, so the other turret will not fire at you. Hide behind the shield and send out your powerful weapons to destroy the turret. Use this strategy on the other turret too. At the end, you will get 30,000 bolts.


The Galactic Rangers will give you a Warp Pad as a prize for helping them against the Tyhrranoids on Operation: DEATH VALLEY. You may use it on Qwark's Hideout.

Titanium Bolts

There are 2 titanium bolts hidden in this planet.

  • Go to mission 3, 4, or 5, and go to the main bridge. Under the bridge should be Gravity Boots tracks. Go under them and simply snatch the bolt under the bridge.
  • Go to mission 5 and get to the part with the turrets. Ignore the turrets and head right to see Gravity Boots tracks. Head up them and follow the path. At the end should be a bolt.

Skill Points

  • Zap Back At Ya': Go on the first mission and equip the Refractor. Use the mech bot's lasers as your weapon killing the tiny little Tyhrranoids.
  • Go For Hang Time: Get at least 2 seconds of air time. Simply hop onto the Turboslider and accelerate really fast onto any steep path.

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