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Armor Sets were a set of Armor Pieces combined correctly to acquire effects. Incorrect combination doesn't give you any effect and the combination is weaker.

Armor sets

  • Wildfire Armor
    • Damage Reduction (28)
    • Parts found on: Pokitaru (Body Armor, Gloves), Ryllus (Helmet), Kalidon (Boots)
    • Effect(s): The Omniwrench 10k becomes covered in flame, increasing the damage dealt to enemies by wrench attacks and catching them on fire.
  • Sludge Mk. 9 Armor
    • Damage Reduction (42)
    • Parts found on: Ryllus (Boots), Kalidon (Body Armor, Gloves), Metalis (Helmet)
    • Effect(s): Every swing of the wrench spreads acid on the ground, damaging enemies.
  • Crystallix Armor
    • Damage Reduction (56)
    • Parts found on: Metalis (Helmet, Gloves), Dreamtime (Body Armor), Medical Outpost Omega (Boots)
    • Effect(s): Hyper-Strikes form crystals that damage enemies, and every third strike in a Multi-Strike combo will also create a wave of crystals.
  • Mega-Bomb Armor
    • Damage Reduction (84)
    • Parts found on: Dayni Moon (Gloves, Boots, Helmet), Inside Clank (Body Armor)
    • Effect(s): Whenever you take damage from enemy attacks, you will build some energy as indicated by a red glow. Attack with the wrench to release the energy, dealing large amounts of damage. The charge wears off after a short while if you do not release the energy.

Armor Combos

In the game, Ratchet can create new armors with new abilities by mixing different armor pieces.

  • Fire-Bomb Armor
    • Damage Reduction (84)
    • Parts: Mega-Bomb (Helmet, Body Armor, Boots) Wildfire (Gloves)
    • Effect(s): Every third swing in a Multi-Strike launches an exploding fireball. Also if you use the Fire-Bomb armor and you defeat enemies with your wrench your scorcher will level up with out you using it.
  • Shock Crystal Armor
    • Damage Reduction (64)
    • Parts: Electroshock (Helmet, Boots), Crystallix (Body Armor, Gloves)
    • Effect(s): Hyper-Strikes create electrified crystals that neutralize incoming projectiles. Only two crystals can exist at a given time.
  • Wildburst Armor
    • Damage Reduction (36)
    • Parts: Wildfire (Body Armor, Boots, Gloves), Sludge Mk. 9 (Helmet)
    • Effect(s): Hyper-Strikes create rapidly expanding gas bubbles which explode, scattering flammable acid everywhere. Only one bubble can exist at a time.
  • Triple Wave Armor
    • Damage Reduction (64)
    • Parts: Wildfire (Helmet), Sludge Mk. 9 (Gloves), Electroshock (Body Armor, Boots)
    • Effect(s): Hyper-Strikes create a small node that generates a series of elemental waves.
  • Ice II Armor
    • Damage Reduction (92)
    • Parts: Crystallix (Helmet), Hyperborean (Body Armor, Gloves, Boots)
    • Effect(s): Hyper-Strikes create a wall of ice crystals that freezes enemies and protect Ratchet from harm.
  • Stalker Armor
    • Damage Reduction (96)
    • Parts: Wildfire (Helmet), Sludge Mk. 9 (Gloves), Chameleon (Body Armor, Boots)
    • Effect(s): The Omniwrench 10k is rendered ethereal, preventing it from dealing direct damage, but it poisons enemies and engulfs them in flame.


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