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Giant Clank Space Combat

Clank flying through asteroids, near Metalis

An asteroid was a solid object that was smaller than a planet or moon, ranging from dozens of cubits to hundreds of kilocubits in size. They were often found in an asteroid belt within a star system. Smaller versions of asteroids were meteoroids, which became meteors or meteor showers in atmospheres, and meteorites on impact with planets (e.g., planet Gaspar). Planet Kalidon had such a thin atmosphere and low gravity that asteroids floated just above the surface. Asteroids could wreak immense havoc if they slammed into a planet's surface. The havoc ranged from small scale (from asteroids that are ft across), to the entire crust being torn off (from asteroids hundreds of kilometers across). Some asteroids were so large, they had their own atmospheres. Some asteroids even had moons, e.g., Ida with its moon Dactyl. The most notable asteroid was the asteroid Nefarious and Lawrence teleported to after being defeated, which left them trapped on it, as it was not in range within any planets, being in the Corvus Nebula; however, a couple of years later the asteroid landed on planet Zanifar, and the Fongoids managed to save Nefarious and Lawrence. The asteroid remained on the planet in the spot they landed.

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