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This is the walkthrough for Asyanica.

Agency Gadgebots

While with Gadgebots, you should go forward and kill enemies. There are some generators which give you electricity. You can activate broken machinery. When you need to climb high platforms, press the circle button and make nearby Gadgebots to climb on each other. Press it again to make them fall down. If your Gadgebot is electrified and runs through water, a short circuit will remove the electricity. At the end destroy generators to free Clank.

Agent Clank

While with Clank cut the ropes you see and go through the bridge. Some ninjas will attack you. When you kill them, a way of police ships will appear. Use your jet boots to go through. At the next roof, kill all the enemies. At the upper left corner there will be a vent. Break it and get the titanium bolt. Cut the ropes and go forward. Get the key and pick the lock. After, there will be series of lasers and then many roofs with enemies. At the end, where you see Number Woo, kill the ninjas.

Captain Qwark

With Qwark, attack the dragon. When you take about half of its life, it will push you to the next platform. Punch those giant ninjas in those red power stations! When the dragon uses its laser attack, hide behind the gold balls.

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