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Azorean sea mission

The mission screen for the Azorean Sea

This is the 'walkthrough for Azorean Sea.' The game begins as Ratchet is launched of a jump pad and lands on a ship. When you land on the ship, there will be a pirates in front of you. You have to fight them. You turn a bolt to open a door with your trusty old wrench; when the door opens you fight more pirates. After you fight them, you exit thorugh the front door, turn left and climb a ladder. As you get closer to a box in the north of the boat's ceiling, it opens revealing another pirate. After defeating him you jump to another boat, where you will defeat a pirate and see a turret you can use. Pirates in a cruiser will come and try harm you; be ready to defeat them. Using the turret to blow open the door, you can then enter it and destroy the pirate on another turret. Go on it and blow open the three doors, then climb up a ladder just like the last one. Jump on the jump pad. After this a scene is played.

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