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B-6 Obliterator

The B-6 Obliterator

This article gives B-6 Obliterator usage tips.


Alpha Mods

To maximise its effectiveness, equip the B-6 Obliterator with:

7 Ammo Mods

3 Speed Mods.

The 3 Speed Mods solves the problem of having a slow fire rate allowing you to decimate enemies faster. The large amount of Ammo Mods gives the Obliterator a total of 20 shots. In addition, whenever you collect ammo on the battlefield, you will collect 2 shots instead of 1. These two factors combined solve the problem of running out of ammo easily. Notice the lack of Aiming Mod. The reason for this is because when you have Aiming Mods equipped, the weapon usually targets a single enemy in a group of enemies. This means that instead of shooting in the middle and killing all the enemies with the splash damage, you have to shoot more times to take them down.

Omega Mods

The most effective mods to use are:

The napalm mod is useful as it leaves a pool of napalm and can slow an enemy advance in a confined space such as a doorway. This also increases the power of the Obliterator as it does not deal much damage compared to other weapons such as the Scorpion Flail and the Arbiter.

The Shock mod can make the B-6 more effective by hitting enemies outside the blast radius of the explosive.

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