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The B6-Obliterator, also known as B-6-Obliterator, (named Grenade Launcher pre-release [verification needed]) was a grenade launcher developed and manufactured by Vox Industries. It launched destructive grenades, which exploded with massive force. It received the Weapon of the Year award by the Galactic Association of Ridiculously Unnecessary Firepower.

The B6-Obliterator's grenades weren't as powerful as the Arbiter's rockets, but it was an excellent weapon for all manner of potent Omega Mods. It also upgraded rapidly, and in doing so, gradually acquired a vast area of effect and a respectable amount of knockback. If one had the space to use it, this was a better tool than the Magma-Cannon. Its only drawbacks were its smaller clip and lower rate of fire. At Level 10 (V10), the B-6 Obliterator transformed into the B-11 Vaporizer with the added functionality of a small mini-nuke, which included a larger blast radius and more damage to enemies. Enemies defeated by a B-11 bomb were reduced to nothing more than ash, similar to enemies killed with the Zodiac and the RYNOCIRATOR.


Version Power Alpha Mod
1 200 Aiming mod
2 250 Impact Mod
3 300 Area mod
4 350 Ammo Mod
5 400 Impact Mod
6 450 Area Mod
7 500 Speed Mod
8 550 Aiming Mod
9 600 Speed mod
10 750 XP Mod

In-game description

The B6-Obliterator was voted "Weapon of the Year" by the Galactic Association of Ridiculously Unnecessary Firepower. You will buy it for the precision ground targeting, but you will love it for its gratuitous destruction!.
―Weapon Description  [Deadlocked]

Behind the scenes

B6 obliterator

B6-Obliterator concept art




Cut third form of the B6-Obliterator

If a co-op game is started, it is provided for free, so both players are not locked in with one weapon until purchasing another.


The B6-Obliterator was the predecessor of The Landlord, another grenade launcher built by Vox Industries. This information is no longer canon because the in-game description of this weapon can only be found on the Ratchet: Deadlocked demo, which has many features that were later cut when the actual game came out.

The B11-Vaporizer was originally going to upgrade into a V3 form, as found in the demo version of the game's files.

Cut in-game description of the B6-Obliterator

Improving on it's predecessor, The Landlord, the B6 took its ground targeting, bomb launching ability to new heights. Although it is slow firing, its power to remove a person's entire abdomen is, "breathtaking." according to Ace Hardlight.


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