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This is the walkthrough for Barlow.

Barlow is a world where bolts are plentiful from enemies.

To the Hoverbike race

Start off by moving in the direction of the vendor. Use the Blitz Gun on the enemies. This path is extremely simple, in that all you really have to do is shoot everything in your way and move on. After about 10 - 15 tribesmen attack you, you may want to jump off the cliff if you want to upgrade weapons or health. From there, continue to the vendor (more like a shop) and talk to the fembot. Most weapons are extremely weak and useless, while a few others have some use. The RYNO II is awesome, but you will not be able to afford the 1,000,000 bolt price tag.

Assuming you have rescued Clank, jump over the chasm and talk to the man. He will let you race in his hoverbike if you can fix it.

The Hoverbike race

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To the Scientist

Most sections here only require basic skills. However, the first point (Glitch) is that after the first pool, there is a Versa-Target in the building. Secondly, after the long series of Versa-targets, just hang on until you can land on the machine. If you die, simply do the swingshooting again.

When you see the frozen scientist, whack the ice (or blast it to oblivion) and free the scientist. Pay him 1000 bolts for the Thermanator. Unfreeze the pool, swim through, freeze, and climb out.

Platinum Bolts

  • Enter any of the hoverbike races and when you pass the part with water, accelerate slowly and make a sharp turn to the left. Pick up the bolt.
  • After exiting the water silo, stop and turn around. See the little tiny ledge around the silo? Jump onto it and shimmy around the entire edge. Drop onto the ground at the back of the platform and swingshot your way across to the rotating platforms. Enter a cave right in front of you, kill off the hoard of those ugly looking hounds and grab the platinum bolt farther in the cave. Be careful.

Skill points

  • Speed Demon: Get less than 2:10 in the Hoverbike race.

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