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This is the walkthrough for Batalia.

Enemies encountered

Scout the city

You will start off on a straightforward walkway. Kill the following robots in any way you wish, as they are easy to kill. To your left will be a tresspasser puzzle hiding many crates, and to your right will be a (faulty) robot generator. Kill it for 150 bolts. Continue on until you meet harder enemies. The humanoid enemies are easy to kill, but the tanks are difficult. The tanks require at least six Devastator shots to be destroyed. Destroy the enemies, and turn the crank to create a bridge. After the waterway, enemies will pop out the ground, and there will be two tanks. Destroy these in any way possible, and turn the bolts. You will meet with the Commando, who will ask you to walk across the magnestrip and extend the bridge. For now, you will not be able to.

Ride the grindrails

Even though we cannot continue here, there is still another mission here. The grindrails, despite what they look like, are actually very easy. The gaps and rings are easily timed, the jumping between rails are easily timed, and the bombs are DEAD EASY with the pyrocitor. While being fun, this is easy. At the end, you will meet with the Deserter. Give him the 2,000 bolts for the Infobot to Gaspar, and exit this random platform via teleporter.

Magneboot adventure

You will now have the Magneboots from Orxon. From the starting location, make your way to the Commando any way you like, and start walking on the Magnestrip. Kill the scoutbots with your wrench. If you cannot, try to kill them from the transport while it is moving. After you have finished, enter the fort.

Explore the fort

Just like the last section, this one is incredibly simple. Kill every enemy in any way and turn the last crank. That's it. It is that simple.

Destroy the bombers

This last section gives a change to the simplicity. However, all you have to do is destroy four ships with the turret that The Plumber fixed. However, unlike a turret coming up, this one cannot take any hits. The best method is to focus on one until it is dead. You can shoot enemy missiles, so do so. After the work, The Plumber will give you a metal detector.

Gold bolts

  • Right at the beginning, where you can use your Trespasser to open up a door with a lot of boxes behind it, do wall jumps there and the Gold bolt is right there on the roof.
  • You need the Helipack; go where the first tank was, and go over the bridge. Go right from the small building up the ledges and start jumping off from ledge to ledge doing stretch-jumps (R1 + PlayStationCross) and you will eventually arrive to the gold bolt.

Skill points

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