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Battleplex Arena was an arena in A Crack in Time.[1] It was located on the Agorian Battleplex in the Korthos sector. It held four tournaments with five battles each, each netting you an exclusive weapon at the end of the tournament. Each tournament must be completed in order, but only the first Bronze Cup is required to beat the game. There were two championships: The first one unlocked when jumping to the Korthos sector, and the second one is unlocked after completing planet Vapedia.

Championship I

Bronze Cup

Challenge name Objectives First completion reward Second completion reward
Welcoming Party Survive five waves. 1,500 bolts 500 bolts
Armageddon Outta Here Survive five waves and avoid flame jets and trillium blades[2] Zoni and 2,000 bolts. 650 bolts
Return To Sender Kill ten Agorians with their own bombs. Constructo Bomb Shrapnel Upgrade mod and 2,500 bolts. 850 bolts.
Death From Above Destroy three waves of enemies while avoiding falling into the lava from the sinking platforms. RYNO V Holo-plan and 3,000 bolts. 1,000 bolts.
Bros Before Foes Team up with Qwark and survive three waves and a War Grok. Negotiator, Nefarious Security Card and 3,500 bolts. 1,150 bolts.

Silver Cup

Challenge name Objectives First completion reward Second completion reward
Gone In 60 Seconds Defeat 60 enemies in 60 seconds. Gold bolt and 4,000 bolts. 1,300 bolts.
Fun With Fusion Turrets Use the turret to defeat 50 Agorian clusterbombs. Zoni and 4,500 bolts. 1,500 bolts.
The Art Of Negotiation Survive four waves of enemies using only the Negotiator and the Wrench. Constructo Pistol Impactor Upgrade mod and 5,000 bolts. 1,500 bolts.
Name Your Poison Defeat three rounds of enemies while fighting in an arena filled with Virox poison gas. Box Basher 2000 and 5,500 bolts. 1,800 bolts.
Triumvirate Of Terror Destroy an Elite Hydra Tank. Spiral of Death and 6,000 bolts.

Gold Cup

Challenge name Objectives First completion reward Second completion reward
Untouchable Defeat five rounds of enemies without taking a single hit. Gold bolt and 6,500 bolts. 2,150 bolts.
Endangered Species Survive three minutes of Agorians. Zoni and 7,500 bolts. 2,500 bolts.
The Quick And The Dead Defeat 100 Thrashers in two minutes. Armor Magnetizer and 8,000 bolts. 2,650 bolts.
Agorian Roulette Defeat five waves of enemies using a randomly chosen weapon that changes every 20 seconds. Constructo Shotgun Galvanic Upgrade mod and 8,500 bolts. 2,800 bolts.
Double Jeopardy Defeat a War Grok and an Elite Hydra Tank. Constructo Shotgun and 9,000 bolts. 2950 bolts.

Championship II

Raritanium Cup

Challenge name Objectives First completion reward Second completion reward
Fire Proof Prevent Pyrospinners from reaching an energy barrier, with only your Constructo shotgun and Wrench. Zoni and 5,000 bolts. 1,650 bolts.
Toxic Engagement Fight a War Grok in a gas filled arena using only the Wrench. RYNO V Holo-plan and 10,000 bolts. 3,300 bolts.
The Exterminator Defeat enemies using only an OmniSoaker full of nectar and a hive of Tetramites. Constructo Shotgun Detonator Upgrade mod and 15,000 bolts. 4,950 bolts.
Battery Bots On The Battlefield Return eight Battery Bots to their sockets before time runs out in an enemy-filled arena. Treasure Mapper and 20,000 bolts. 6,600 bolts.
Overkill Survive 20 rounds of enemies, and then defeat a War Grok and an Elite Hydra Tank. Chimp-o-Matic and 25,000 bolts. 8,250 bolts.


Weapons earned

Items earned


  • The Agorians claimed that no non-Agorian has ever won their championship. However, Ratchet's father, Kaden won the Gold Cup when he was Ratchet's age by stealing his grandfather's ID and his father's Trillium Harvester. Kaden then flew to the Battleplex and won the gold cup, which the Agorians denied. Kaden was then grounded for a month.[3] Ratchet also won the Bronze Cup to rescue Qwark. Ratchet was congratulated on his victory as the first non-Agorian champion, unlike his father.


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