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This is the walkthrough for Bernilius Sector in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.




Space missions walkthrough

Defeat Carina to reach Vapedia

Carina is blocking your way to Vapedia. You have to defeat her in order to continue. User your blasters and missiles and avoid her guns and mines. Do not shoot from directly behind her or you will most likely get killed. When her health goes down to 2/3 she activates her shields. Use your Ship Tether to rip out a versa-fuse on her wing so the shield goes off. Each versa-fuse is on both wings, so be sure to manouvere yourself to the other side. Then start shooting at her. when her health reaches 1/3 she'll activate the shields. Rip out the last versa-fuse and start shooting her until her health reaches zero. Then you can freely fly to Vapedia.


Defend the Terachnoid convoy

The Terachnoid convoy is under attack from Valkyrie forces. They want you to destroy all 20 Valkyrie ships. It should be simple to destroy the ships by using blasters and missiles. The Terachnoids will give you 12,000 bolts for your help.

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