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Al Clank... You speak nerd.

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Skin color

Reddish, Orange

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Eye color

Various colors, usually yellow

Famous members

The Blarg were reasonably scientifically intelligent creatures that had adapted minor quantum compression technology and vortex manipulators, both of which are used in the Suck Cannon. They lived on the planet Orxon. They spoke Blargian. The way Blarg is spelled varied over whether it is a leap year or not, also being spelled "Blaarg".[1][2][3]


Gleeman Vox Blarg

A female Blarg pictured on Vox's copy of Blargs Gone Wild.

The Blarg originated on Orxon, which, in the events of Ratchet & Clank, had become so overpopulated and poisonous, that they were no longer able to dwell there without the use of oxygen masks. The Blarg followed Chairman Drek's rule when he suggested building a new planet, and many Blarg were commissioned into Drek's Army. But after the defeat of Chairman Drek, the Blarg were forced to either continue to inhabit their polluted world of Orxon, or leave to find a new planet to live on.

The Blarg vary in physique. They range from diminutive to rather muscular and bulky figures. They all have a distinctive pair of glowing eyes, which are normally gold or blue in color. Many Blarg soldiers and employees seem to be unintelligent, but their scientists are brilliant inventors, rivaled only by Gadgetron. It later transpired that Drek had been polluting Orxon and was planning on doing the same to the Blarg's new world (and then re-do the process, all in an attempt to earn a lot of cash). After Drek's defeat, the Blarg became less hostile to the rest of the Solana Galaxy.[verification needed]

By the time of 'A Crack in Time', the Blarg seemed to have made an alliance with Nefarious, as they were mentioned as being capable of helping Nefarious with using the Great Clock, it is possible they made some kind of deal with Nefarious, similar to Lord Vorselon and the Valkyries.

In All 4 One, Nefarious said he was wishing that the Blarg would tear Qwark limb from limb while they were in the Polar Sea.


The Blarg were fine inventors and were responsible for inventions such as the Pilot's Helmet, Hydrodisplacer, Premium and Ultra Nanotech, the RYNO, The Suck Cannon and the Magneboots. They also presumably created Blargian Roulette.

Military technology


Blarg soldiers

Blargcommander cropped

A Blarg Commander.

Known members


A famous Blarg chairman, Drek.

Blarg Controlled Planets and Installations

Behind the scenes

The word "Blarg" seems to be associated with things that are generally unpleasant in the Ratchet and Clank universe:

  • Upon learning the instructions for the Levitator were in Blargian, Clank was prepared to abandon it's use before Ratchet attached it to him.
  • Ratchet's untested Gravimetric Warp-Drive was made of Blargian scrap-metal, which caused Clank to question whether using it was safe.
  • The insult "You Blarg-headed frack monkey" being spouted by Ratchet's faulty speech circuitry in his Dreadzone suit.
  • Emperor Tachyon comparing the smell of Kerchu with Blarg dung.
  • Captain Qwark saying that the Imperial fight festival was the most fun that could be had "outside of a Blargian prison camp!"

A Blarg Elite skin is available in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault as part of the downloadable add-on Intergalactic Foot Soldier Pack.[4]



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