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This is the walkthrough for the Blarg Tactical Research Station.

Enemies you will encounter



Explore the space station

Start this mission by whacking the Frequency Jammers. These tend to power forcefields, and you will be whacking them a lot. Avoid the green smoke, and use your Pyrocitor for the frogs. Use the Bomb Glove or Glove of Doom for the bigger lizards. After a short while, you will reach an Invinco-lock. Open it with your Tresspasser, and whack the bolts inside. The three in the center contain frogs, and not bolts. Destroy these three with the blaster, and whack everything else. When you reach two big lizards in cages, do not release them simultaneously or the game will freeze. Deal with these by releasing one Glove of Doom canister. Kill the following guard from below with the blaster.

You will reach an area with lots of enemies. Load up on ammo and kill everything that moves. Then kill everything that doesn't move. And have fun Afterwards, continue and destroy the sequence jammer and then the lizard. Repeat three times. Before entering the next room, destroy the last sequence jammer so that there is a quick way to the Gadgetron Vendor if you die.

Now to kill a boss.

Defeat the Alien Queen

You will enter an arena and fight the Alien Queen. Ensure that you throw out as many Glove of Doom canisters as possible, and literally go nuts in killing this boss. Use the Nanotech, if necessary. After this easy boss, continue on.

You will meet with a scientist and an Alien Swarmer. Kill it, and then the scientist will offer Grind Boots for money. Buy them and ride the grindrail. This is linear and is just a practice. In no time, you will have reached your ship again.

Explore the warship

There is a small pod that will take you into a Blarg warship. The ship is a one time visit, at which it will be permanently lost once you have pressed the big red button. Upon entering the warship, you will have to go between the two paths at which point leads to the next room. Kill all enemies, even the ones on alternate paths. When you reach the room featuring the big red button, destroy everything in the room beforehand. Afterwards, press it. You now have 45 seconds to escape.

Escape the warship

As soon as you hit the button, a short scene depicts the exterior and interior parts of the ship under the self-destruct feature. A message will be heard once the self-destruct feature has been initiated, nd that all personnel and belongings must be taken out of the ship. You will have 45 seconds to escape the warship. Another message will be heard past within the 30-second mark to remind the player of the ship self-destructing itself. The Blarg Space Commandos in that area will be replaced by Alien Snappers. If you fail, the warship detonates with you inside. Run as fast as you can and stretch jump whenever possible, and kill any enemies that are obstructing your path. You will reach the same pod in the left and the Infobot on the right, and then, in time, escape the Blarg warship, at which it will be destroyed. An Infobot for Rilgar will appear once you go back to the Blarg Tactical Research Station.

Clank's spacewalk

Solve this Tresspasser puzzle and enter the airlock. Only Clank can go for now. Everything will look big due to Clank's size. Be fast when killing frogs, and be careful when walking on narrow walkways. When you reach the big lizard, Clank will have no chance. Instead, free some Gadgebots. Order them to attack and regroup any that die. Order them to enter the home to remove the forcefield. Pick up the Hydrodisplacer and leave.

Note: Do not attempt to grab that gold bolt. Even if you successfully reach the platform as Clank, he will go through the bolt.

Gold bolts

  • You need the Helipack; kill all the enemies in the circular room with the Gadgetron vendor and all the small mutant frog-like animals therein and the bigger lizard-looking ones behind them. Then, go right from the entrance of the room and do a boost jump (R1 + X) to get on an upper platform. Go straight ahead into a new room, kill all of the other Alien Swarmers there, and get the gold bolt behind them.
  • You need the Helipack and the O2 Mask: where you had explored with Clank, go on the ship using the thin path and jump down further to where all the blue boxes are. There is a ledge with three big black ovals. Do a boost jump (R1 + X) onto that ledge and walk forward and slightly to the left. Jump up and the gold bolt is there.

Skill points

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