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Blarg Capitalization

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Is your Blargs Gone Wild video scratched from overuse?
Gleeman Vox, in a commercial for DreadZone  [Deadlocked]
Gleeman Vox Blarg

Gleeman Vox holding a copy of Blargs Gone Wild

Blargs Gone Wild was an adult holo-vid, featuring female Blarg, and was mentioned by Gleeman Vox on a DreadZone promotional video.[1]

The cutscene which features the Blargs Gone Wild holo-vid is the "It's Time To Blow ****Up!" cutscene.


  • Despite the word "Blargs" in its name, "Blarg" is an irregular noun; an -s is not added to the end of the word to make it plural. The plural form of "Blarg" is still "Blarg," not "Blargs."

Behind the scenes

  • The name is a parody of Girls Gone Wild, a pornographic entertainment franchise.


Notes and references

  1. Still image from cutscene.

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