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Blasters were a type of rapid fire pistol utilized throughout the Ratchet & Clank series.


Come on, stupid Blaster!
Stuart Zurgo  [FFA]

In several Qwark vid-comics, Qwark would use a weapon called the blaster, which fired powerful energy shots and could hold up to twenty or fifty ammo.

Starshield's blaster comics

Captain Starshield firing his blaster at a Cantor on Calzon

Captain Starshield used a blaster on Fractis to defeat several Kragmites and also in combat against a Cantor shortly after helping the people of Calzon.

In Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty Corsair space pirates utilized blasters.

Blaster QForce

Zurgo using his Blaster in Full Frontal Assault

Stuart Zurgo utilized a large modified Blaster with his Qwark Mech. It shot a blaster beam that captured foes in an orange energy bubble, temporarily preventing them from escaping. He used it capture member(s) of the Q-Force when he fought Ratchet, Clank and Qwark.[1] After he captured Q-Force member(s), the blaster malfunctioned, causing Zurgo to throw it away and pull out an Omegatech Fission Blaster.

In Into the Nexus the weapons used by Ranged Thugs and Jetpack Thugs were referred to as blasters, they fired similar yellow energy bursts, but looked different from the original Blaster.

Other information

Blaster sac

The Blaster in Secret Agent Clank

Mega Blaster

Qwark using the Blaster's Mega Blaster mode

In Secret Agent Clank, Qwark would use his trusty blaster in his false re-tellings, the first time being his battle against the Giant robot lizard. When charged the Blaster would temporarily becoming the Mega Blaster to fire a potent beam of energy.
Mega Blaster laser

The Mega Blaster's charged beam


Clank head
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  1. The number of people captured when he uses it depends on whether the game is being played with a friend or ones-self and which characters were selected in either circumstances.
Blasters in the Ratchet & Clank series
Game Ratchet & Clank Going Commando
Going Mobile
Up Your Arsenal Size Matters Deadlocked Secret Agent Clank Tools of Destruction
Quest for Booty
All 4 One
Full Frontal Assault
Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
A Crack in Time Into the Nexus
Basic version Ion Blaster Lancer N60 Storm Lacerator Dual Vipers Dual Lacerators Combuster Constructo Pistol Omniblaster
Upgraded version Gold Blaster Heavy Lancer N90 Hurricane Dual Lacerators Dual Raptors Dual Vindicators Magma Combuster
Elite Combuster
Alpha Combuster
Mega Constructo Pistol Dual Omniblasters

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