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The Blizzard Mine Glove was a weapon obtained by upgrading the CryoMine Glove to Level 5. The glove design was different to its predecessor in that the coil stood upright instead of along the glove. The mines were now similar in shape to the Leviathan Flail, though roughly the same size as the Cryomine mines. The mines now came with an area of effect (due to a modification of the glove's terrafrost dispersal mechanism), able to freeze multiple targets in a small radius of detonation, though the area affected was minimal and larger enemies would sometimes be too large to fit into the area of effect, making the weapon more useful against groups of smaller enemies, such as Zyphoids.

Due to being superior to the Freeze mod, it presumably froze enemies at temperatures even colder than -253 °C.

Upgrade Announcement

"Congratulations! You have just upgraded to the Blizzard Mine Glove! Your glove's terrafrost dispersal mechanism has been modified to reach more targets, turning the battlefield into a winter wonderland of destruction!"


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