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This stylish Tremendi briefcase has been outfitted with a MegaCorp Portable Rocket Engine 2,000 that dispenses a searing hot batch of fuel, which instantly ignites when it reacts with the air around it. Stylish? Yes. But obviously the product of mad science..
―Weapon Description  [SAC]

The Blowtorch Briefcase, also known as the Suitcase Flamethrower and originally titled Experiment #24, was created and found in the Venantonio laboratories.[1] The stylish Tremendi briefcase was outfitted with a MegaCorp Portable Rocket Engine 2000 that dispensed a searing hot batch of fuel, which instantly ignited with the air around it. It upgrades into the Hellfire Haversack once upgraded to V4. As it upgrades, the maximum ammo for the Blowtorch Briefcase remains at 30, but it takes 1 second for each ammo unit to be used up. In Challenge Mode it can be modified to shoot a fireball after acting as a flamethrower.

Clank and the oh whatever

Clank obtaining the Blowtorch Briefcase


Notes and references

  1. Plaque on the stand the briefcase is first found on.

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