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Bolt Grabber

The Bolt Grabber.

The Bolt Grabber was a device that allowed Ratchet to pick up bolts from an extended range. In the original Ratchet & Clank, the gadget could be found at the Robot Plant on Quartu. In Going Commando, the Bolt Grabber was replaced with Megacorp's Armor Magnetizer, but it still had the same effect. In Up Your Arsenal, the Bolt Grabber V2, a combination of bolt grabber and Box Breaker could be found on the Zeldrin Starport. In the two later games, the Bolt Grabber allowed Ratchet to smash crates, and other breakables by simply performing a hyper-strike anywhere in their proximity, as well as increasing his bolt pick-up range. In All 4 One, the Bolt Grabber was a temporary power-up which multiplied the amount of bolts obtained during the time limit by two, similar to the Jackpot crates.

Description in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

The Bolt-grabber increases the power of Ratchet's magnetosphere by nearly 50 gw, effectively doubling the range at which he can pick up bolts!


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