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This is the walkthrough for Boltaire Museum.


When you start the level,you will see some torch lights. If you go into them you will get spotted by guards. They will throw guard dogs,which will attack you. The guards will also shoot you. Also the doors will lock. If you kill all the dogs,the door would unlock, but the guards will still shoot you. At the end of the outside area there will be a platform with a titanium bolt. You will need the jet boots for it. When you see guards after some steps, you can hide in some of the plants. After another steps there will be some more guards. You can hide as a statue. After that you will see a small platform. Climb up and hang the pillar. Then go to your left and jump on another platform. Get the Tie-A-Rang and go forward. On the roof, jump into the opened window and you are inside the museum.

Main Halls

Get the pen. When you go through the door take down the guard. By the way, you will do the stealth takedown to defeat the guard. To do this, you need to press the buttons of your PSP/PS2 system QUICKLY because it is timed. If you fail to do this, you will be spotted and you have to do it AGAIN, for practice. Then go through the second door. Use your Blackout pen to stop lasers and cameras. When you are out go down the steps. Turn around and you will see a Lacerator. Go and get it. Use your tie to cut the ropes on the statue. Climb and you will see a titanium bolt. Once again you need the jet boots for it. Go through this door and once again use your pen to stop lasers and cameras. At the last room get the jet boots. Now you can get the titanium bolts, but you have to restart the level to get the first one. Jump over the police barrier and finish this level. Then you will start a special mission in which you have to press right buttons in right time.

Note: If you run through a red laser, you will take damage. If you run through a yellow one, you will be spotted by guards.

Stolen Eye of Infinity

The hallway for the stolen Eye of Infinity will be high security filled with lasers and guards so be prepared for this one. The first one should be easy just by pressing three buttons. The second one will also filled with lasers and press the right buttons. The third one is the same as the first one just by pressing the buttons. The fourth one is just like "Limbo" but you are passing the lasers. The fifth one is different. You have to hide against a guard. The next one should be tricky because you have to press and hold it. The next one is just like the fifth one. The eighth one is to hide to the plant nearby and defeat the guard. The ninth one is to hide but now CHASING it. The last part is hard. The last part has MANY lasers for now. Remember to press the buttons for the last time. Watch the cutscene and you will play as Ratchet in prison.


Weapons Collected

Gadgets Collected

Titanium Bolts

  • The first one is located on an upper platform near the guards. It is easier if you had the Jet Boots.
  • The second one is located at the Main Halls. If you had the Jet Boots, you can go to the other side of the blocked way.

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