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Calzon was a planet in the Solana Galaxy. It had at least one chancellor since there was a chancellor. Its native species were Calzonians.

Rescue from Baron Masseter

Chancellor of Calzon

The Chancellor of Calzon in a transmission to Captain Starshield

Chancellor of Calzon: We, like many planets, will always be grateful to you and your service!
Captain Starshield: My pleasure chancellor, just doing my duty.
―The Chancellor of Calzon thanking Captain Starshield.

While Captain Starshield was on a routine visit to Calzon, the evil Baron Masseter had plans to destroy the planet with his ship. However, Captain Starshield managed to destroy Masseter's ship seconds before it vaporized the planet.[1] This made Calzon, like many other planets, grateful to Captain Starshield. The Chancellor of Calzon then thanked Captain Starshield for saving the planet before Starshield left the system.[2]


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