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Cerullean Swarmers were small yet aggressive creatures. Using only their razor-sharp teeth to attack, these enemies charged in for the kill. Although they were easily dispatched with most weapons, Ratchet needed to beware of these nasty critters when they appear in groups.

Cerullean Swarmers first appeared on planet Cobalia and are also the first enemies that Ratchet encountered in the Polaris Galaxy.

Gaming tips

If Ratchet got surrounded, a useful defensive option was the hyper-strike to knock them back and clear them away.

Locations Encountered


Nundac Asteroid Ring


Breegus System



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  • Along with its counterpart the Cerullean Centipede, it was named after the Cerullean Sector. However, surprisingly they were also seen in the Praxus Sector - a whole sector away from the Cerullean Sector. It was not known how they appeared there.
  • They seemed to be fond or attracted of Gelatonium as they were seen usually in Gelatonium Plants throughout Polaris.
  • Sometimes they can be found sleeping. When you approach them, they freak out, and then attack.
  • They reappear on Planet Terachnos, in which not known how.


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