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This is the walkthrough for Challax in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

From your ship, you can go either two ways. The first one is to go to the Giant Clank pad and take off to the orbit, or go in the tiny car and go to the Technomite City.

Challax Orbit

When controlling Giant Clank shoot the small ships, if you want you do not have to shoot the big ones. Make sure to save your missiles for the boss. The way to defeat the Technomite Dreadnaught is to shoot your missiles while spinning around in a circle. If you run out missiles do not worry this Dreadnaught deploys small ships every few seconds. When you defeat it you get the Electroshock body armor.

Explore the City

At the first door use the Grind Lock to unlock the door. Go down the elevator and use the Polarizer to open the door. Go into the next room and use the Polarizer again but this time three Technomite Soldiers will come at you. Two of them will die automatically but fight the other one with your wrench. In the next room there will be a Weapon modification vendor, buy some if you have the bolts. Go into the walkway and some Technomite soldiers and shock troopers will come out. A good weapon to use here is the Acid Bomb Glove. After you fight the Technomites turn the bolt crank and then use the polarizer on the magnet to open the door and enter the room with a giant statue of Otto Destruct. Inside there are a lot of Technomite soldiers and one mimic plant. Go inside and fight the soldiers and when done, plant the mimic plant in the Electro-soil on the right wall of the room and climb up the ladder. When you finish climbing the ladder you will come to a small room with another mimic plant. Plant it in the soil outside the room and the plant will grow into a bomb mimic plant. Throw the bomb at the statue to knock it down. Run up the statue and you will have to go in another grind lock. When you haved finished the grind lock the door will open and you will enter a room with ammo and nanotech crates. At the end of the room there is an elevator, enter the elevator and technomite soldiers will come and attack you. When you defeated them all some more technomites will come along with shock troopers. When you reach the top there will be two shock troopers and when you defeated them slide down the zip line to the platform.

Dropship Boss Fight

Jump up the three platforms to find a Technomite Dropship. When running away from the dropship always keep moving because the dropship shoots lasers making holes in the ground so you can fall down. The first platform is leaves you just have to run away from the lasers. The second platform is four flowers that you have to jump over. The third platform is leaves again but this time the dropship shoots infront of you. The fourth platform is leaves in a spider web that are fairly spaced apart. The fifth platform is leaves but this time he shoots towers that can crush you if your not careful. The sixth platform is four flowers. The seventh platform is the fifth one but with one tower.

When you have finished that you will reach a platform with a vendor, a teleporter and a zipline. Slide down the zipline to fight the dropship. The dropship attacks by shooting a continuous laser while Shock Troopers come out and try to hurt you. Equip the Dual Lacerators and start to fire while strafing. Once you get rid of half of the dropship's health its laser attack starts to aim for you but still keep strafing and firing your Lacerators until you defeat it. After you defeated it cross the bridge and get the Electroshock helmet. Then watch the cutscenes and then head off to the Dayni Moon.

Hidden collectibles

Titanium Bolts

  • There is a ledge around the landing pad. Drop down on to it, and the bolt will be at the bottom of the ramp.
  • After you use the Polarizer to push the suitcases in to the machine to unlock the gate, you will go in to a room, then go to your left and in to a third room. There is a baggage claim in this room, to the left of where you entered. The bolt is on the claim. Wait therefor to come out, then get on the baggage claim and get it.
  • After planting the bomb plant in the sand at the top of the ladder, instead of hitting it towards the statue, hit it towards where you found the plant in the first place - there is a black wall there. When hit, it will crumble, revealing a room with the bolt inside.

Skill points

Armor pieces

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