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Gadgetron Central Intelligence Agents utilized armors that were not even available or known to the general public. One such armor set was the incredible Chameleon armor. Using fully-realized Active Thermoptic Camouflage on top of a depleted-thorium core, this armor not only provided personal protection equal to that of some light tanks; a full set would also render the user nearly invisible while moving. Chameleon armor was also the most protective armor ever. This armor set was the only one that did not have a wrench mod, but rather it made Ratchet harder to target by making holographic "clones." As Ratchet ran, holographics clones were left behind, distracting enemies. The holograms faded away after a short period of time (1–2 seconds). This armor was the most valuable armor set available in Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, boasting a whopping 96% damage resistance, by far the "RYNO of armors." It is considered to be the most protective armor set in the entire series, surpassing the previously best Carbonox Armor from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando with its 90% protection.

It was also required to create the "Stalker" armor set, which consisted of a Wildfirehelmet, Chameleontorso and boots with Sludge Mk. 9gloves. This armor could only be achieved by reaching the Inside Clank stage (pentultimate stage) for the third time, (second time in challenge mode). The final piece of armor (helmet) was given to you immediately, and proved to be of great assistance in the level. The Hyperborean and Chameleon armor sets did not even show up in the first play, nor do their empty slots so as to keep them a surprise.

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Armor Sets and Pieces in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
Armor Set Old School Suit Wildfire Armor Sludge Mk. 9 Armor Crystallix Armor Electroshock Armor Mega-Bomb Armor Hyperborean Armor Chameleon Armor
Helmet N/A Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet
Body Armor N/A Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor
Gloves N/A Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves
Boots N/A Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots

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