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Channel 64 News was the news station that news anchor, Darla Gratch worked for, after her unexplained departure from Channel 2 News. The station seemed to cover news in both the Solana Galaxy and the Bogon Galaxy, as Darla was seen reporting on the Protopet crisis in Bogon. Like Channel 2, Channel 64 sent Darla out into the battlefield in order to get the news, even if it meant she was at risk of getting destroyed. It reported on the schemes of Nefarious, when his robotic forces rampaged Solana. Darla continued to work for this network.


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  • There is a Ratchet & Clank fansite called Channel 64 which has knowledge based on all games with added cheat codes.
  • In the demo version of Ratchet & Clank, she originally worked with Channel 2 News, shown at the ending of the Infobot for Planet Blackwater, where she said "Darla Gratch, Channel 64 News" rather than "Channel 2 News" but it was changed to "Channel 2 News" for unknown reasons in the final version. [verification needed]


Notes and references

  1. The news channel telecast Ratchet being thrown into prison.

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