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So you see, it would be most beneficial if your citizens were not in the city when my workers begin removing it.
―Drek  [R&C]

The Tobruk Crater City was a major city located in the Tobruk Crater, planet Novalis. When the Blarg arrived to planet Novalis, the Blarg leader Drek "kindly" informed the Chairman of Novalis that the residents of that city needed to leave in order for the Blarg to successfully demolish it, as that entire section of Novalis was going to be extracted to form a new world for the Blarg. When the Chairman refused to cooperate, Drek kidnapped the Chairman and ordered his forces to mercilessly bombard the city with precision air strikes and to send ground forces to occupy the city. The brutal attacks caused the rich and wealthy residents to flee the planet via escape transports, while those of lesser incomes were forced to wait for Qwark to save them from the invaders.

However, Captain Qwark had secretly teamed up with Drek at the time, and would thus not arrive to save the poor residents. Eventually Ratchet crash-landed his space ship near the city, and helped save the Mayor and the population of the Tobruk Crater City instead.


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