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The Clank Zapper was an enhancement and weapon which could be fitted on Clank. Selecting it periodically caused Clank to release a powerful bolt of green electric energy from his antenna at enemies in front of Ratchet, similar to the electricity of the Gold Tesla Claw. It was difficult to determine whether or not this was still in effect; however, it is notable that Clank's antenna glowed green whenever enemies were nearby until it wore off. Selecting it multiple times would cause it to use multiple units of ammo and the Clank Zapper to activate the same amount of times the weapon was selected. This weapon was first available for purchase in Challenge Mode, and perhaps because of this, there was no mega upgrade for it.

When upgraded to the Clank Shocker, in addition to the Zapper's effects, Clank also emitted powerful red laser beams from his eyes at any enemies behind Ratchet.

Behind the scenes

PlayStation Vita

  • In the PlayStation Vita version of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, the Clank Zapper and Shocker would fire at enemies, but the particle effects were missing, and the enemies would take damage seemingly out nowhere. Clank's eyes and antenna still glowed, however.


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