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This is the walkthrough for Planet Cobalia.


Follow this guide to safely make your way off planet Cobalia. This walkthrough is divided by in-game missions for easier navigation. To find what mission you need help on, access the mission screen from the pause menu. There are three skill points and one gold bolt on Cobalia.

Explore Cobalia

Cobalia Terrain

Ratchet and Clank trek through the forests of Cobalia

After watching Ratchet and Clank crash on to Cobalia, you will find yourself stranded on an alien planet. Up ahead are some Cerullean swarmers. They are easy kills; just one hit from your wrench will do. Kill the swarmers and continue forward to find a lone Cerullean Centipede. He is a bit more powerful than you would expect, but a Fusion Grenade or a few Combuster shots will kill the guy. After you kill him, a few of his centipede friends will appear from the rocks and attack you, so kill those too. Note that the passage to continue on the left will not open until you kill the centipedes. Continue on to find some more swarmers, a Nanotech crate and some ammo crates to the left. Avoid the hot steam that is coming out a crack in the ground, otherwise your Nanotech crate will be wasted. Continue to the right to find more swarmers, a centipede, and a gap. Kill the baddies and either long jump or double jump and glide across the gap. If you fall, do not worry; there is solid ground below and some steps back up. After crossing the gap, you will find some more baddies. Kill them and smash the crates. Continue on and you will find that the path onward is on top of a rock ledge. Double Jump or high jump up and you will find yourself face-to-face with a Basilisk Leviathan! The big guy will fly into the swamp…for now, leaving you to continue your trek through the wilderness. Smash the crates and switch to your Fusion Grenade. Up ahead are quite a few centipedes, and more will come in. Try to catch an at least two of them in each explosion. There are two cracks with steam coming out them, so avoid those. The the left of the chamber thing up ahead is a ledge. High jump up it and follow the path to some Raritanium chests. Smash them. Raritanium can be used to upgrade your weapons later. Jump down and enter the small chamber thing, and smash all of the crates inside. Exit on the other side to find more centipedes. Use the same strategy as before, and enter the next chamber-building. Wall jump up the walls where you see the arrows pointing up, and smash the crates on top. Glide down to the swamp and make your way across the small islands, killing any enemies you find. When you get across the swamp, more centipedes will be waiting for you near another chamber. Use your previously acquired pest-control skills to clear your way to the chamber, and smash the Nanotech crates if you need health. Enter the chamber and wall jump up the walls. At the top, you will see a bunch of crates, but Don't smash them! Smash the Jackpot crate first (it is blue, with a white "?") to multiply all of the bolts you collect by 2, and then smash the crates. Continue forward and kill the swarmers. If you were fast enough, the bolts they drop will be multiplied as well. Jump up the rock ledges up ahead and glide down to the swamp below.

Defeat the Leviathan

As soon as you touch the ground, the Leviathan you saw earlier will jump out the swamp and attack you. Your Fusion Grenade is powerful and has a long range, so use up all of its ammo. There are ammo crates lying around, and they respawn. Use the crate to replenish you ammo. If you run out grenades, fire at the Leviathan with your Combuster. Remember to strafe (hold L2). If you fall in the swamp, you get two jumps to try to escape before you drown. If you are good enough, the Leviathan will screech its last and drop some raritanium on the ground. It will also leave behind a Leviathan Soul, which will automatically fly to you and you will collect it. These can be exchanged for bolts later. Hop across the islands to the other side of the swamp, and continue through the opening in the rocks.

Explore the Spaceport

Cobalia spaceport

The Cobalia Spaceport

The cutscene showed you a pirate-looking fellow on the other side of the Cobalia Spaceport, so you should make your way there. You can take your time, though. Right up ahead are two things you have never seen before: a weapon vendor and a Explosive crate. The explosive crate will start counting down after you come near it, and then blow up. You can use any weapon to set it off early, but be careful not to be too close or you will be caught in the explosion. The best way to deal with these is by using your wrench's comet-strike. At the weapons vendor, you can buy weapons, upgrade weapons, or buy ammo for your weapons. While you are there, get the Cheapskate skill point. All you have to do is buy only one Combuster ammo. If you reloaded all your ammo, simply fire one shot and buy another for 1 bolt. Easy as pie. There are two new weapons for sale: the Tornado Launcher or the Plasma Beasts. The Tornado Launcher is the better of the two, but you most definitely do not have enough bolts therefor yet, so save up. You can upgrade either your Combuster or Fusion Grenade at the vendor. Choose whichever you use more. The same goes with what upgrades to buy. If you find yourself running out of ammo often with a particular weapon, buy More Ammo upgrades. If you think your weapon is too weak, buy More Damage upgrades. Smash every crate, consumer bot, and gelatonium container in the spaceport and you will be on your way to get the A Smashing Good Time skill point. Walk across the walkways to the pirate fellow and, he will introduce himself.

Restore the Gelatonium Pumps

Cobalia gel plant secret

Jump on these cylinders to reach the catwalk with the Raritanium chests

It turns out that he is a Smuggler. The Smuggler, actually. The Gelanator he gave you pumps out cubes of Gelatonium which you can jump on and even imprison enemies in. Head through the doors up ahead and enter the Cobalia Gelatonium Plant. Fill up your Gelanator from the G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump by pressing triangle in front of the pump. This will open the doors, leaving you to venture through them. If you fall into the gelatonium, do not worry. You will be returned to the surface through a hatch with no damage taken. Be sure to smash all of the crates you see if you want the A Smashing Good Time skill point. Pump a gel cube in front of the ledge to the right and jump on it to get on top of the ledge. The next ledge requires you to shoot an extra shot of gelatonium onto your cube to get up. On top you will find yourself looking at a lake of gelatonium. Before you cross it, jump into it and let Ratchet sink. This will get you the first requirement of the I Should Have Gone Down in a Barrel skill point. Get back up to the gelatonium lake and pump a cube into it. Jump onto that cube and pump another one into the lake. Use your gel cubes to cross the lake. Here you will find some Tumfoids. They will not attack you, but they will eat your gel cubes before you can use them. The best way to deal with them is to pump a gel cube onto them to imprison them for quite some time. Head to the left and pump three shots of gel onto a cube. Strafe by holding L2 to make sure you get the gel onto the same cube. Jump on it to barley reach the ledge. Ratchet will be hanging, so jump to get him up. Smash the crates, but be wary of the explosive ones. Jump on top of the two cylinders of gelatonium to your left to get to the shiny catwalk on the other side. Follow the catwalk to the end to find two Raritanium chests. Smash them and return to the place with the Tumfoids. Encase all of them in gelatonium again. Go forward now, and make a full cube of gelatonium with three shots of the stuff. Jump on it and you will be in a room with lots of swarmers. Kill them all and smash the crates. The sloped path on the side of the big gelatonium pump in the middle of the room is a Grav-ramp. You can walk up it with your Gravity Boots, which will automatically equip when you step on the ramp. At the top is a bolt crank. Latch onto it with square, then move your left analog stick in circles to turn the crank until Ratchet automatically un-latches from it. The female voice on the loudspeaker will inform you that you have restored one gelatonium pump, allowing the plant to operate at 50% capacity.
Cobalia gel pump crank

Turn the bolt crank to move the grav-ramp into place

A door will open, so head through it. More gel falls. Straight ahead below the edge of the platform is a platform with a lot of crates. Smash them. Jump back up and pump a gel cube into the gelatonium on the falls to get up the ledge. Work fast and pump your cubes on the far right, though, because the cubes will go down the falls if you are too slow. Do this again for the second ledge, but you will need a full gel cube for this one. On the top, throw yourself into the gel falls to get the I Should Have Gone Down in a Barrel skill point. Work your way up again, and cross the top of the falls, placing your next cube on the far right every time. On the other side is the room with the next gelatonium pump. Kill the swarmers and smash the crates, then turn the bolt crank on the ground to the right of the pump. This will move the other half of the grav-ramp leading to the control bolt crank into place. Go up the grav-ramp and turn the bolt crank to restore the gelatonium plant to 100% efficiency. Emperor Tachyon will be most displeased. Jump off the gelatonium pump to the right and glide down to a platform with some crates. Jump down and stun the Tumfoids. Quickly pump a three shot gel cube on the ground and hop up the ledge. Here, drain the Gelanator, which will open a door. Go through the door and in to the elevator, which will start to descend. You will notice (or not) that the bridge has been extended. There is a device vendor in front of you. Devices are expensive but very powerful. Use one if you are in a jam.

Hunt for Leviathan Souls

Cobalia cave

Up ahead, the ramp on the left goes to the gold bolt path, and the cave contains Leviathans. On the right is the Smuggler's ship

Clank reminded you to see the Smuggler about the ride he promised, but there is still more on Cobalia. Cross the bridge and smash all of the consumer bots and crates you see. You can talk to the Smuggler about Cobalia, Tachyon, and what-not, and sell your Leviathan souls for 2,000 bolts each. It is recommended not to sell the souls yet unless you really need bolts, as the Smuggler will give you are a lot more bolts for your souls in later levels. Do not ask him about the ride just yet. Go to the right and smash the crates, then continue through the cave (see the image on the right if you cannot find it). There are two Leviathans in here. Use the same strategy you did with the first, and you will get the Giant Hunter skill point. Remember to smash all of the crates if you want the A Smashing Good Time skill point.

Search Cobalia

This mission requires you to get the gold bolt on Cobalia. To the right as you exit the caves is a walkway to a small platform. (See the image on the right if you cannot find it) On the far left end thereof are some rotating platforms. Follow the path of platforms and rotating platforms, smashing the Raritanium chests on the way, to find a gold bolt and a lot of crates. Smash the crates and collect the gold bolt. Use the zip line to get back down to the spaceport. Go through the spaceport, caves, and gelatonium plant if you still do not have the A Smashing Good Time skill point, breaking everything. Otherwise, you are done. It is time to get off this planet.

Hitch a Ride with the Smuggler

Go to the Smuggler and ask him about the ride. He will tell you he can take you as far as Stratus City. Say yes to that offer and off you go!


Gold Bolts

Ratchet & Clank Future Tools of Destruction Cobalia gold bolt location01:18

Ratchet & Clank Future Tools of Destruction Cobalia gold bolt location

Video guide for collection the Gold Bolt

Cobalia rotating platforms

Use the path of these platforms to get to the gold bolt

  1. To the left of the entrance to the cave with the two Leviathans is a ramp to a small platform. See this image if you cannot find it. On the far end of the platform are some purplish rotating platforms. Follow the path of platforms and rotating platforms to find a gold bolt and a lot of crates. Smash the crates and collect the gold bolt. The platforms will not start rotating until you re-activate the gel pumps, but you can still get to the gold bolt with stationary platforms. Use a high jump to get from the platform where the device vendor is to the platform where the Smuggler's ship is, and use a combination of high jumps and gliding to make your way across the purplish platforms to the gold bolt.

Skill Points

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