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Convict Ratchet was Ratchet wearing prison clothing. In the outfit's appearance in Secret Agent Clank the clothes themselves were called Prison Scrubs. They were black and white striped.

Skin variations

Prison Ratchet

Prison Scrubs

A variation of the skin appeared in Tools of Destruction, called "Convict Ratchet" and was him wearing prison scrubs from Zordoom Prison. It could be unlocked by entering the following code in the skins menu:

  • PlayStationSquare, PlayStationCircle, PlayStationSquare, PlayStationCircle, Up, Up, PlayStationTriangle, Down, Up


  • Tools of Destruction Skins menu: "Flaunt your "bad boy image" by donning attire right outta Zordoom!"


  • It was the third most recurring skin.
  • The Convict Ratchet skin had writing on it that said "SZMTRZ", a reference to the game Size Matters
  • When grinding while wearing the convict Ratchet, Ratchet will appear to be floating above the grind rail because the grinding gameplay is meant to have Ratchet wearing shoes, so that is why there is a space where the sole of his shoes would be.


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