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Our completely credible anonymous sources have given us exclusive details and shocking third-hand rumors which suggest Ms. Phyronyx is actually a shape-shifting Zygonian robot vampire who is devouring heroes and hiding their bones in the black hole deep in the Cromquillian nebulae. And so we have to ask ourselves, what do we really know about this 'Sasha Phyronyx?'
Dallas Wanamaker  [Deadlocked]

The Cromquillian Nebulae are a group of nebulae in the Solana Galaxy, which contained a black hole. According to Vox News reports from Dallas Wanamaker (which were obviously bogus), Sasha Phyronix hid the bones of missing heroes in the black hole after she devoured them first, since she was "really" a "shapeshifting Zygonian robot vampire."[1]


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