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Cryosleep exiting a vent

Ratchet sleep

Ratchet falling asleep due to the effects of cryosleep

There's no way I'm gonna-
Ratchet being affected by cryosleep.  [ToD]

Cryosleep was a gas that made most living organisms sleep, in some cases, almost immediately. A cryosleep chamber was used in Zordoom Prison for detainees. Cryosleep was also used on the Light-Eating Z'Grute on Luminopolis until it was freed by Nefarious.

Behind the scenes

The prefix 'cryo' literally relates to low temperatures, but this gas had no known connection to temperature. This may be a reference to the drop in body temperature normally occurring after sleeping was induced, so in a sense it lowers body temperature.

There is an error of the name of the cinematic which says "Hypersleep" instead of "Cryosleep." [verification needed]



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