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The debonair folds in Clank's sleeves hide a deadly bomb launcher. The gem shaped bombs are made of an explosive piezoelectric element, Volitanium, that can be used as regular bombs or proximity mines.
―Weapon Description  [SAC]

The Cufflink Bomb was an explosive weapon that folded in Clank's sleeves on his secret agent tuxedo. The gem shaped bombs were made of an explosive piezoelectric element, Volitanium, that could be used as regular bombs or proximity mines. It upgraded into the Wrist Mortar.


  • Before acquiring the Cufflink Bombs, Clank did not initially wear the white cuffs as part of his Agency outfit. They did; however, appear on him immediately before gameplay started once he jumped out his ship in the opening cutscene. After Clank acquired the Cufflink Bombs, they were the only accessory weapons to remain in view on his tuxedo in cut scenes, essentially becoming a part of his canon appearance as an agent (before the game was released, they were still shown on him in promotional images.); this does not count the Tie-A-Rang, which had been on his outfit from the beginning, even before it was made into a weapon.


Grenade launchers in the Ratchet & Clank series
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Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
A Crack in Time All 4 One
Full Frontal Assault
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Pork Bomb Gun
Fusion Grenade Constructo Bomb Plasmabomb Launcher
Gold Bomb Glove (R&C)
Mega Bomb Glove (GC)
(GC only)
Nitro Eruptor Acid Detonator B11-Vaporizer Wrist Mortar
Meat Mortar
Fusion Bomb Mega Constructo Bomb Elite Plasmabomb Launcher

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