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This is the 'walkthrough for Damosel.'

Grind Rails

What you first want to do on this planet is head to the grind rail section. To get there head right from inside the first building. At this point you should get a Continue Point and Ratchet should be facing the rails. Jump on the rail and clear the course. Try not to get damaged to gain a skill point! What you want to look out for are the Protopets that lurk on the rails. Press PlayStationSquare to whack them with your wrench. Also keep a sharp eye out on the rails because you will switch rails constantly. When you get to the part where the trains are chasing you, you should keep a close eye on the distance of each train. At the end of this section you will find a Hypnomatic part, as well as Clank doing some cool thing of his. Enter the Translocator to get back to the beginning of this planet.

Giant Clank

From entering the first building, make a left and go to the platform that is sparkling.

Repairing the Hypnomatic

First refill on any ammo from the MegaCorp vendor inside. Head straight from the first building you enter. The town is ablaze amidst the protopets! There are many civilians running away from them and smashing up the town. The Plasma Storm is your best friend on this level. Protopets reproduce very quickly by spitting up their young which makes the Plasma Storm the best way to clear the path. Head forward and protopets will come out a sewer so defeat them quickly. Ahead a little more will engage a small scene with robots with giant sparking guns come out a dropship. Your best bet to kill them is with the Minirocket Tube/Megarocket Cannon. In some cases they will just explode when destroyed but sometimes their legs will come after you! Shoot them again to destroy it or else it will kick you really hard! There will be a generator which spawns protopets nearby; destroy it. Now head up the ladder. You will see two supports beams that hold the giant protopet billboard up. Behind them are four of the robots you fought down there. Take out the Plasma Storm to whip them out. Equip the Swingshot and cross the gap. Inside the sewers are more Protopets and four generators. This place is cramped and you might not want to strafe a lot because behind you is a giant pit you will fall in. Take out the Plasma Storm again to defeat them. A dropship will come by and drop more bots in for you to destroy. Once all is cleared the door ahead of you should open. You're now in a dome; head forward to let the protopets in the sewers come. Now fire your Plasma Storm. A drop ship will come by and sent out four more robots with the sparking guns. Two behind, and two in front. Dispatch them and head outside. The yellow door should have opened in front of you; if not search the dome and defeat any monster left. Head outside and long jump across the gap into another residential area. There will now be bots shooting bombs filled with gas at you. Take them out. Also Protopets are ravaging the area; you know what weapon to use. Once all are defeated destroy the vehicle that is blocking your way into the building. Head into the taxi to go to the downtown bank. A vendor will be there and be sure to max out your Plasma Storm ammo. Wall jump to access the bank. Fire a Plasma Storm in the bank and if done successfully you will get a skill point! Defeat all monsters in the area and be sure to break all the breakables. They will contain a lot of bolts. Now if you go right from where you entered you will see a fountain. Pull out the Thermanator and fire at the water to freeze it. Jump on the arc of ice to grind down to a platinum bolt! Now head on the taxi that conveniently followed you to get back to where the vendor is. Restock and wall jump to get up there. Now what you want to do is head up the stairs and go into the another area. There will be some bots that shoot a lot so take care of them. Now head up and defeat all the enemies nearby. Some of them are on the roof so shoot them to access the door. Now you should be in the supermarket area. Defeat all of the enemies to make the door open. Search all the aisles because Protopets are hiding inside the boxes. Behind the door is a section with water. Defeat all the enemies and use the Thermanator on the water to make it into ice. High jump up to the ledge and enter the corridor. Go past the door to initiate a cutscene. You will need all 3 Hypnomatic parts in order to get the Hypnomatic. You will also need some bolts for the man to fix it for you. If you do not have all the parts, exit by going on the taxi, if you do purchase the Hypnomatic. Now equip the Hypnomatic and go to the sealed area and press PlayStationCircle to activate the hypnomatic. You will control a robot and have 30 seconds to get across and open the door for you to get out. Every time you get hit you will lose seconds of time. Once it has reached 0 you will self-destruct. Hit the switch over at the other side to open the sealed door and exit. Now you should go save Angela at Grelbin.

Hidden Items

Platinum bolts

There are 2 hidden platinum bolts on this planet.

  • When you are at the downtown bank, look for a fountain. Freeze the water with the Thermanator and grind on the arc of ice. You will find it on the platform there.
  • You need the Hypnomatic for this one. From where you see a poster of Jak & Daxter there should be a robot you can control on top of a building. Use the Hypnomatic on it and make it self-destruct near the building it was standing on. It will reveal a hidden alcove with the bolt.

Hypnomatic Part

It is located at the end of the Grind rail. Once you collected, Clank will do a funky dance like Daxter. (2/3)

Skill Points

There are 2 skill points on this planet.

  • Midtown Insanity: Ride the grind rails without taking a hit.
  • Safety Deposit: Guard all of the robots in the bank. Do not let them die.


Defeat the mothership on the Giant Clank mission to get the mapper.


Collect all 3 Hypnomatic Parts (locations: Smolg, Damosel and Grelbin) and trade it all to the Hypnotist and 10,000 bolts too.

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