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This is the walkthrough for Damosel Orbit.

How to Get There

To get to the Damosel Orbit you must go to Allgon City, Damosel. Upon entering the very first building in front of your where you and your ship are make a left into the building there. Inside will be a sparkling platform which will make Clank become Giant Clank! You will proceed to the Damosel Orbit to fight an enormous boss.

Destroy the Mothership!

At a glance, it is another mission which makes you kill a giant baddie. Initially what you have to do is destroy the mothership on the spherical planet. This boss is extremely annoying and will frustrate you easily. It summons monsters that will go after you and they deal a lot of damage. Destroying them will net you some health so constantly bang them up. You will also want to destroy surrounding buildings to get bombs, missile ammo, and health when needed. What you will need to know for a strategy is to keep firing missiles at the boss. Examine the compass to tell where the mothership is hiding. Jumping on top of the mothership does a lot of damage and will put a dent in it! Remember to throw punches and bombs when it is summoning its minions. When the mothership is at low health, it will go to the center of the planet. The mothership will then start emitting electricity which does damage over time. At this point, jump on top of it. You will land safely and do damage. Keep jumping constantly as it will not hit you and you will score damage on it. But here is the catch. If you stay on the mothership too long, it will fire something at you and it will do a lot of damage, so your best bet is to stay out its way when it does so. Other than that it is an easy fight, just very annoying.

The Mapper

As a reward for defeating the giant you will obtain the Mapper. Press Select or R3 to view the map. Notice the green areas on the map. Those are secret areas you can explore. The Mapper shows you areas with platinum bolts, Nanotech Boost, and even items you will need to collect like the Qwark Figurine on planet Aranos. The Mapper's best function is that it will let you see where all of the crystals on planet Tabora and Grelbin are.

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